Monday, April 22, 2013

Lip Factory Inc March Review and Swatches

After being blown away by my first Lip Factory Inc box i was a bit shocked when i was even more blown away (is that even possible??) by my second Lip Factory box. Only one sample sized product nestled between 7 full sized items (yes, you heard me SEVEN!!!!) make this box a deal that most other beauty boxes will have a bit of trouble rivaling.

I feel that this box really goes back to the roots of what this box is about. While i love the items for other parts of the face there is just something special about getting a box filled with products just to perfect the pout. The range this month was outstanding lip pencil, lipstick, gloss, liquid lipstick, lip sheen, even a lip brush and exfoliater!

What was included in this months box!

OFRA Cosmetics Lipstick in Berry Sexy-
Ever since i became spoiled with the wonderful world of MAC, it has been very hard to please me with other brands of lipstick. I gave the OFRA Cosmetics lipstick in Berry Sexy a try and i really liked how pigmented it was and how creamy it was. A nice full coverage lipstick in a dark berry red. A great for fall. 

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Kiss Off
This sheer pink, glittery, gloss is so much fun. Non sticky and just enough shimmer to be great for spring and not enough to border on middle school. I like the happy medium of this adult glitter gloss that can be worn on its own for a sheer wash of baby pink or layered over a lipstick in the similar shade range.

 NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Deep Red
I am not sure why this box (released in spring) has so many dark fall shades but you can never go wrong with a classic deep red. It's name is very true to it's shade in that you honestly get a deep red shade on your lips. This color is true to the pencil. This shade glides on creamy and effortlessly without bleeding, feeling heavy, or sticky. 

LASplash Cosmetics Diamond Lipgloss in Forbidden
This is your average drugstore gloss. Not fantastic not bad. I did not find this gloss sticky but it did have a little tack. I had a hard time getting enough product on the doe foot applicator and this lead it taking quite a while just to get enough gloss on my lips. Since there was a lack of product on the brush applying this over lipstick just whips the lipstick away. The gloss itself is a sheer pink.

Korres Liquid Lipstick in 13
On the Lip Factory website this product is mistakenly marked as a lip gloss and it most certainly is not. This product is an opaque liquid lipstick that glides on velvety smooth. This nude shade is perfect for spring. Easy to apply with a doe foot applicator that gets just enough product for smooth application. This is great to have in your purse if you are afraid of lipsticks melting or breaking since it allows you lipstick without the worry.

Designer Skin Cosmetics Lip Shimmer
This shimmer is more of a normal sheer lip gloss. I am not sure why it is called a shimmer as there is minimal shimmer. This product comes in a turn and click tube that allows you to brush the product on without any tools needed. You can click as much as as little as you need. 

Dermalogica Lip Renewal Lip Complex Sample
This was the only sample sized product this month and it made my lips feel smooth and free of imperfections. 

Lip Factory Lip Brush
Since receiving this box i have used this brush for everything from OCC lip tars to using lipstick as liners!

Overall this month really was all about the lips. I wish there would have been more seasonal appropriate products and not so many sheer items. Did you get this months Lip Factory box? If so what did you think?


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