Saturday, April 20, 2013

MAC Releases for May 2013

May is going to be an exciting month! If you thought April was just a tad bit of overkill with multiple limited edition collections hitting MAC counters, PRO stores, and online, well guard your wallets ladies, its about to get expensive.

Art Of The Eye - Online - UPDATE - April 25th
We start off the month with the very anticipated return of Parrot in the art of the eye collection. This collection is Arabic themed with many products having Arabic names. This exotic collection focuses in on the windows to your soul with bright shades of shadows, liners, quads, and even blue mascara. If your budget is a bit tight, do not fret, the chromatography liners are part of the permanent line! My best advice is pick up those bright shadows before they are gone! See whole color story here!

Rhianna Loves Mac -Online- May 2nd
One of the biggest pop artists of the moment, Rhianna,  has teamed up with MAC to bring a beautiful matte lipstick that mirrors Ruby Woo. Rhianna has aptly named her shade RiRi woo and will feature her signature etched on to the lipstick. I have heard that there may also be a gloss and a liner but i have not been able to confirm this. You can see the color story here!

Temperature Rising- Online- May 16
Ladies are you ready to be up all night again? Another limited edition collection with limited edition packaging is about to hit MAC. This summer themed collection featuring golds and violets is sure to be a splash. Featuring very chic chocolate brown packaging this collection is classy enough for anyone. With dazzel lipsticks ranging from violet to gold, peach and magenta blush,  bronzers and bronzing oil, and even shimmery nail polish, you really can not go wrong with this collection. Weather you live near a beach of not you can achieve sun kissed perfection with this collection. See the color story here!

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