Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sp3ctrum Lip Glaze in Peaches, Tiffany, and Michele Review and Swatches

Have you ever thought to yourself, wouldn't it be great to have bright, pigmented glossy lips with all the color of a lipstick? Well Sp3ctrum Cosmetics did and introduced their new Lip Glaze. With countless colors, the ability to blend and combine, and cute female names these are hard to pass up.

The packing of this product is in a turn and click type tube. Each one is filled by weight so it will come looking about half empty and be reduced further as you turn the applicator. The shade comes out of the brush. While i love the formula and colors (for the most part) this is my least favorite type of applicator because i feel it is not precise i personally would have preferred an OCC lip tar type tube or even just a jar that i could use my own brush to apply. These do make applying on the go easier though.

These sell for $14 which is 4 dollars more than they were when they were first introduced. I know prices  increase but this has made the idea of buying multiples less appealing (buy one miss out on 4$ but by 3 and miss out on 12$.. no thanks). On top of that there was a shipping increase to 7$ making purchasing one over 20 dollars. So weather you buy one or a few there is a significant increase. I think their perfect price point was at $12 (with 5$ shipping) it is a reasonable increase and allowed the buyer to get one for under 20 dollars. There are often promotions though for buy 2 get one free and these are the best time to purchase multiple colors or try colors you may not have.

The formula of these are a little bit inconsistent. While i love how they feel on my lips and how bright and bold they are some shades apply streaky and even the same shade in two different tubes can apply differently. My friend bought a shade and i bought the same one a week or two later and while hers was streaky and uneven out of the tube mine was perfectly opaque. The only shade i personally ever had an issue with was Monique. A beautiful dark purple. I wore this shade to school and not even a half hour later i noticed that the pigmentation was drifting. You could see the base on my lips but the color itself was gathering on the sides of my lips and it looked as though i had eaten jelly and left pieces of it on my lips. It was very unflattering. All the other shades i tried did not have this issue.


Sp3ctrum Lip Glaze in Peaches

Sp3ctrum Lip Glaze in Michele
Sp3ctrum Lip Glaze in Nyree
Sp3ctrum Lip Glaze in Tiffany

Overall i would recommend Sp3ctrum Lip Glaze to anyone looking for a glossy yet highly pigmented lip shade that requires no tools to put on. While the price is a bit high sign up for promotions and you will save quite a bit of money. While there is some chance you may have to worry about batch inconsistency there is a low chance you will have an issue (i had one issue out of  11 colors). You can pick these up along with plenty of other shades here!

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