Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wet N Wild Fergie Eye Kit Collection's Review and Swatches

First things first, I am not a fan of Fergie, that aside, when i first saw this product i felt a little personal bias against it. Sometimes it is best to listen to your little inner voice, but, this is not one of those times! With Wet N Wild's products improving over these past years by leaps and bounds it really is no surprise that this collection is an absolute must have. Wet N Wild Fergie inspired Eye Kit's come in three differnt styles, Fergie Ferg Fresh- for your hip side, Fera-Vicious- for your edgy side, and Glamour-Eyes for your glam side. No matter what your style there is a Fergie kit for you.

Each kit is only $7.99 and can be found at drugstores such as Wallgreens, Duane Read, CVS, and Walmart. Quality of each product varies, and i will explain with each individual review, but each one is sold at a value of more than the retail price. Each box is sturdy and reusable.

Fergie Ferg Fresh Eye Kit- For your hip side:
This kit contains one eyeshadow quad of  soft lilac, soft violet, bright blue and charcoal gray. These shades have medium pigmentation, medium fall out, need to be applied over primer, can be layered, and blend easily. Mascara that makes lashes look slightly longer and fuller, black sparkle pencil liner which is bendable, liquid blue shimmer liner, brow bush and eye shadow brush. The eyeshadow brush is mediocre at best, the brow brush is good, i honestly find most brow brushes to be all the same. On the inside of the cover to the box there is instructions on how to achieve the hip Fergie look. In my opinion it really does not look like the one on the cover but if you feel lost when looking at a quad or aren't sure how to apply, this can be very helpful. Overall this kit is good quality. Wet N wild Quads sell for about 3 dollars, liner for about 1 dollar, liquid liner about 2 dollars, the mascara is half size and worth about a dollar, plus the two brushes (about 2 dollars), i would estimate the worth at about 9 dollars therefor you are saving a dollar.

Glamour-Eyes Eye Kit- For your glam side:
Just as the kit above, this kit contains an eyeshadow quad, mascara, two brushes, bendable pencil liner, and liquid liner. The shadows have poor pigmentation, this quad was the hardest to work with, and the colors had to be layered on. The colors included are sheer white, sheer gray, sheer yellow, and sparkly black matte. These shades are very sheer, but from the cover look and the instructions, i don't think they are meant to be this sheer. The cover shows a smokey eye look, while the instructions don't have you blend out the black that far or even under the eye as shown on the cover.  My opinion on the brushes are the same as above. The copper pencil liner is great, soft, doesn't tug at the eyelid and is bendable. The black glitter liquid liner is pretty opaque and easy to use. The mascara does make the lashes a little thicker and a little longer. Overall you wont be able to get the cover look or instructional look unless you really layer these colors on, use primer, and a better makeup brush. This set has hope, but unless you know how to work a crappy eyeshadow, or do like your shadows a little more on the sheer side, this may or may not be a good product for you.

Ferga-Vicious- for your edgy side:
This was the last one i purchased. From the looks of the cover to how the colors looked in the store, i honestly was not thrilled. This is one of those products that you buy because, well why not, and once you get it home you realize what an amazing purchase it was. While this kit is just like the others, two brushes, one mascara, a bendable pencil liner, a liquid liner, and an eyeshadow quad, this product really delivers the look, high pigmentation, ease of use, and is the best out of all three (Fergie Ferg Fresh being the second). The shadows contained in this set are a very grayed lilac, chocolate brown, a blued medium gray, and a matte black. These shades did have minimal fall out but the color application was fantastic. These shades are bendable, and if you follow the instructions you will get (just about) the look shown on the cover (add white liner to your water line, and some brown under your bottom lashes, nude lips and you got the look!). My opinion on the brushes is the same as the above, mascara same as the above. The pencil is a soft silver and is easy to blend, wont tug on the lid. The black liquid liner is opaque and goes on easy, takes a second to dry though. If you like a twist on the neutral look this palette is a good choice, and is great for the fall!


  1. I'm not usually attracted to blue metallics, but the pigmentation on the Ferga-vicious eye palette is insane! How is the wear on that quad? And that's awesome that all the palettes come with the Megaliner (I'm a big fan of that liner)

    1. The wear on the quad is pretty much what you would expect from a wet n wild product, if its over primer youll get about 5-6 hours of unfaded wear (i use a very thick cream stick primer) without it you will get much less maybe 3 hours. All my pictures are over primer so i suggest using it lol.
      Yes these palettes are such a value and i love how it really is a complete look in a box!