Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beauty Army December 2012 Review and Swatches

Even though this is late i felt it was still worth putting up. My beauty army box arrived pretty late this month. Since my window is at the end of the month i often do not get my box until the second week of the next month. The month of December had some great options however by the time i got to pick mine it was a little limited.

If you are new subscription boxes Beauty Army is a monthly box of samples that allows you to choose what your getting. It costs $12 dollars a month which includes shipping. If you do not like your samples (there are 9 to pick from), you can skip your month or simply retake your beauty profile until you see more suiting items. Your sign up date determines your monthly window and your samples arrive in a sturdy box with pretty tissue paper! You can sign up here!

Hello there!
What i chose-

Skin Fade Cream-
Honestly, i really did not need this product. I chose it because it was a bigger size then the other small one time use items. I do have some scars so i was thinking maybe i could use it on that, or if i ever get a dark spot or blemish i need to fight off.

 Not Your Mothers She's A Tease Volumizing Hairspray-
I was a little turned off by Not Your Mothers after receiving a really pointless sample from Influenster (why send a girl with straight hair a product for curly hair?????). So i am glad i gave them another try. This spray really does a good job at holding a voluminous style. I washed my hair and dried it while holding my head upside down. I sprayed this to my roots and as my hair dried my hair had a lot more volume. I also used it to hold in some teased hair at the crown of my hair and it lasted all day. So i am impressed.

 Glow Baby Glow Mark Lip Gloss in Blow Kisses-
I am not sure what i expected from this product. I do wear a lot of red lipstick and thought it would be a good idea to have a red gloss but this gloss is incredibly sheer. I got just slightly more color than a clear gloss. Not a bad gloss, just expected a little more pigmentation. I did like that it was not sticky like some other glosses i have received from beauty army.

 Enspri 5 minute anti-aging facial treatment -
 I have not had the chance to use this product yet however i do like that it is made with collagen and comes with a hydrator.

Ineke Hothouse Flower-
I have chosen this sample in the past. A lot of items seem to be repeating themselves. While i was not head over heels the first time i smelled this sample i wasn't disappointed. I never finished the first one so i am not sure when i will get to this one. Overall it is a very soft and floral scent. It isn't too strong but is feminine.

Emani Foundation and Serum-
This was another product that i have chosen to sample in the past. It seems a lot of items are repeating themselves now and while some i do not mind - Bath and Body works- it can get a little redundant. I did like this product first time around and i do not mind using it again but i have never purchased the full size and i am not sure that i will.

 Overall it was a decent month i just hope to see bigger sized samples along with more variety in the future!

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