Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Look Bag Discontinued AGAIN!

Ok so i am the last person in the whole wide world of cosmetic subscribers to report on this but none the less here it is, The Look Bag is once again closing its doors. If you have been subscribing you probably already know and understand why this inevitable end came. This is the second time that The Look Store decided to abandon The Look Bag. Given that this was their second chance to wow everyone, i found it surprising that they were able to blow it. So few brands and companies get second chances after a fiasco.

Just to get you all caught up, The Look Store discontinued The Look Bag in the summer of 2012 after bags were sent out late. Many people were charged with no bag and some were never charged and got a bag. Customer service was seriously lacking as well. While the products were nice they closed their doors sending out bags to only some (mainly new) customers and the older ones got nadda. After a few months, and assumed improvement The Look Store reopened The Look Bag even being nice enough to offer previous subscribers a discount (.. did i mention they raised the price?). When subscribers received the first bag after the hiatus it contained discontinued and expired products. It really was all downhill from there. Sadly they had time to improve but instead only got worse.

The Look Bag was my first beauty subscription and though it was sub par it was a nice introduction. For a full list of other beauty subscriptions you can replace your Look Bag subscription with check out my list of subscriptions here!

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