Monday, January 14, 2013

Pop Sugar Must Have Luxury Box For Him Review

Around the month of November Pop Sugar Must Have announced a second Luxury Box, this time for the men. A mystery box filled with luxurious items perfect for gifting. At $100 dollars each only 1,000 were being offered. Unlike the Pop Sugar Must Have Luxury Box for her i did not jump at the opportunity to get this. In face, i did not purchase this one until their were only 15 left. While i do love a good mystery, it just did not intrigue me like the for her since a box for him has never been released (all monthly Must Have's are female based). This was also guaranteed delivery by the 24th (came exactly on the 24th).

The items received:
Shot Flask-
As soon as i saw this leather wrapped flask with built in shot glass i knew it would be perfect for my boyfriend. Classy and unique

J. Fold Leather wallet-
This item smelled richly of leather and felt sturdy. Another great gift for my boyfriend. I think this would suit any man well as it is a can't go wrong item. I really like that it was seated in a wooden frame.

Touch Scale-
I am not sure how this item is luxurious. I guess if you know someone who travels a lot and needs their luggage weighed this is great. But for people that don't travel much this is a little useless. I don't understand why such a hit or miss item would be included. This item is still in the package and now sitting in the closet.

Big Ice Silicon Ice Tray-
While i think this item is awesome (listed as perfect for soups and sauces to freeze and pop out) i do not find it very luxurious. Sure its great for party ice and for cocktails, but i could never imagine a man uttering - SWEET, AN ICE CUBE TRAY! Needless to say i kept this for my self. 

Blind Barber Shave Cream and Aftershave-
Since pretty much almost all men shave their face this item, which is, actually!, a must have, i found it to be a perfect addition. I would love to say.. but what is luxurious about it, but upon researching the brand, this product is pretty on point. Makes a great gift for men of all ages and is a great companion to the next item.

Dollar Shave Club-
In this little tan envelope were some blades (which i initially thought were to put in any razor, turns out i was missing the actual base. I have since received a replacement.). As a buddy to the above item these super precise blades and easy to hold razor handle are perfect for a man to have a smooth kissable face. Included was a code to check out dollar shave club and have blades mailed monthly. While i doubt that my boyfriend will ever use that, blades never go to waste and i feel this item was generous! Why is it when us ladies get razors we don't get extra blades! (yes i am talking about you Birchbox and Luxebox!)

Slantshack Jerky-
I know this is a mans snack, but i knew that if this box contained it it would be mine! I was so ecstatic to see this product included. The original creators started in Brooklyn (always support my city!) and the taste of this product is phenomenal. Thin pieces of meat that were chewy but not tough seasoned perfectly! This product goes great with beer! Perfect for men and jerky lovers alike!

Go Swype-
Now Pop Sugar you aren't fooling any one with this item! This item was included in the regular Pop Sugar Must Have box for December with a kiss on it for women. If you are going to include it in the regular box what differentiates it from being a Luxurious item? I do love the old school video game theme though and did keep this product for myself.

  Stolen Riches Dress Laces-
Ladies, when you think of a well dressed man in his best suit, what color do you imagine his laces to be? Oh orange wasn't it? I didn't think so. I was so very confused over this item. I guess it is meant to match the orange rope cuff links?

W├╝rkin Stiffs Knotz-
Look i totally understand fashion forward styles and unique items, no one appreciates them more  than i do, however, orange rope cuff links? When you ask men what color they like on their best suit, or even their average, orange really is rarely the answer. Yes it does stand out, and i would love to see a man rock these, however, the likely hood of a man wanting these is so slim it would have been best to include a color that was a little more conventional.

Voges Mo's Milk Bar-
CHOCOLATE WITH BACON! This product right here is the mecca of delicious. The salty, crunchy, pieces of bacon mixed with the sweet, milky, chocolate was to die for. Perfect item to include!

Overall I think that this box was a hit. While it may not please everyone there is certainly something in there for everyone. Trendy, classic, nerdy, or conservative there was an item to please men of every age. I think this box gets the most worth out of it when the items are split up among people. Even just splitting these between my boyfriend and i. I feel like we both got a treat. $100 dollars is a bit steep and i don't think i would ever opt in for a mystery box like this again, however, i did enjoy this box more than the women's. I found this box to have more items, more variety, and since it arrived on time, more punctuality. 

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