Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wantable Co December Vintage Glam Jewlery Box

In December Wantable.co had a fantastic deal. Buy one box and get two, yes TWO, free to send to friends to try out their new and amazing makeup and jewelry boxes. I have so many makeup subscriptions that i thought a jewelry subscription would be fantastic. I know there are other options such as Jewelmint but with those subscriptions you get maybe 1 or 2 pieces. I can't justify that. With this subscription you get 4-5 pieces every month. Best of all you can fill out a type of beauty profile so you get products you will enjoy tailored for your likes and dislikes! The shipping is fast and every time i have contacted customer service i have received a quick and friendly response.

The first item i received was a long black velvet ribbon. Perfect for making into a choker, headband, and even a bracelet. I love how this piece can be used so many ways to suit different styles and looks.

Gold Key Necklace-
I adore key jewelery. This dainty necklace suits my style perfectly. The small stones give it just a little bit of bling. The chain wears long and falls perfect on my chest.

Vintage Ring-
This vintage ring is to die for. With an elastic back this ring fits perfectly on every finger. I wear a lot of red so this ring will get a lot of use and will be worn with many outfits.

Vintage Pearls-
These long pearls, which were featured in the video on the website, are a fantastic nod to the 1920's. I wore these long pearls doubled up around my neck for Christmas and felt so classy! I added the broach to them to hold them together and to my shirt on the side and got many compliments. I also find them to look pretty doubled tight as a choker with part hanging down.

Red Vintage Broach-
I wasn't sure how to wear this at first but soon learned you can do so many things with this one little item. Looks fantastic pined on a shirt, added to pearls, added to a velvet as a headband, added to a coat (outerwear jewelry!), even added this to a belt is fantastic. Paired with the ring, and pearls i received i felt very classy in December.

Gold Layered Bracelet-
This simple bracelet is so easy to wear with everything! It fit me perfectly!

Overall i really liked the first box. I found the variety fantastic but also liked how cohesive the pieces were, working great alone or together. I really felt the vintage look with these items and do look forward to more boxes from this jewelry subscription. If you would like to subscribe you can do so here, and if this isn't something you want monthly you can always skip, pause, or just buy one box at a time for $40 (Subscription $36).

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