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Momme Box - The Inaugural Box December 2012

So i think by now you can tell how psyched i get over subscription boxes, they make me completely weak. When i was told about Momme Box i had to jump on board (my 19th box to be exact, yes i think i may have a problem!) The concept of this monthly box is that it is geared towards mommys! Products to help you feel pampered during your busy life (i think this apply's to more than just mommys, but anyway...). December marker the inaugural box which contained a little bit of everything you can expect over the year for 2013. Beauty, fitness, home goods, love life, and even a snack for your child were included in this box. I found it to be very well rounded and while i like the idea of a mix of products a focus on one theme each month sounds nice as well! For a full list of themes please go here!
This was on the bottom of the shipping label, nice touch.

As for prices a month by month subscription is $20 (pay as you go, choose which boxes to buy and which to skip, $18 for three months with the ability to renew, or $60 for 4 months (up front) and $15 each month after. Overall i love how flexible their pricing plan is and since you know all the themes in advance you can somewhat pick and choose to take them all or only some! Sign up here!

I found the insert card to be sweet and relatable.

When opening the box i was shocked at how many items were packed into this small box! The first thing i noticed was the range of products cosmetics, food, even lubricant! Covering all bases for a mom's life

Our Skinny Chocolate Pro-
This easy to make diet drink only requires water. Easy to take on the go for some quick nutrition and helps to avoid the temptation of fast food and chocolate bars when the stomach starts to growl! As a busy mom i really do appreciate a product like this. The booklet it came with was also very informative.
Worth: About $3

Kryolan Cosmetics-
I was first introduced to this company by Glossybox. I received a lipstick which i thought was pretty good quality. Seeing this brand again was a pleasant surprise and i was really happy to see such a large assortment of products. This bag included a dual eyeliner in black and brown, a pink tinted clear lip gloss with brush applicator, an under base, event foundation, and tinted moisturizer. While three of the products are testers the full size items more than make up for it.
Worth: $40.50

I always welcome some laundry detergent into this house!! It goes so fast between my clothes, my boyfriend's clothes and my sons clothes. Not to mention sheets, towels, etc. This little sample got my laundry as clean as my tide. I like that it has no scent because it is better for my sons clothes. I might just pick some up for his clothes since he has eczema and certain products irritate his skin. This didnt.
Worth: 50 cents

Honey Stix-
I had first tried these in my Love With Food subscription. My son loves sweet things and i feel so much better about giving him honey over something really unhealthy. Easily portable and great in tea. Win win for moms and kids!
Worth: $2

Kelapo Coconut Oil-
I used this to make a quick red curry meal. It added a slightly nice coconut flavor to the chicken and i felt a little better about using this then regular oil! This will make a fun addition to my kitchen and i plan to add it to my oil collection. (Yes i have one!)
Worth: $1

Good - Almost Naked Personal Lubricant-
I have to be honest, i have not used this product yet but i like the concept. I do like products that are organic and it makes me feel safer. Nothing is more gentle and deserving of love on my body more than my lady bits, so the next time the time calls i will be happy to use this.
Worth: $1

Mineral Hygienics- $15gift card
I was really happy to see this! I love checking out new makeup and nothing inclines me more than the ability to try it free or at a steep discount. Now i had missed out on MAC Whisper of Glit (which was a soft gold skin finish) So i picked up Glow  a mineral highlighter. This makes my skin look glowy and healthy. Very impressed.
Worth:  $15

Lastly, included was a two week home try of Barre3. What a great way to start the new year with some new workouts!
Worth: $7.50

Overall the inaugural box for Momme Box was very impressive! With a worth of almost $70 dollars it is an incredible value. I had long awaited this box since i signed up months before it was even due to ship out. I think it is a great choice for busy moms, busy ladies, and even just someone who wants to try new things! You can sign up here!

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