Saturday, January 19, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions First Impressions

So, not to long ago i received an opportunity to try a new dish washing liquid from Influenster. When i was chosen i found out it was Palmolive Fresh Infusions. I have to be honest, i have NEVER tried this product before. I have used Palmolive and liked it in the past but this is entirely new!

When i first received my box i smelled each and every scent. Some were leaking but it wasn't extreme or anything to really complain about. I loved how each one really did smell fresh and didn't outright smell of dish washing liquid. Like i wouldn't mind using these as a hand soap or having my hands smell like this product after cleaning a sink of dirty dishes.

Of the three scents that i received i liked the Lime Basil the best. I found it had the best scent in terms that it smelt the freshest. I liked how it had a light citrus scent and how it was not strong and over powering.

I look forward to testing these products and will have an updated blog soon with more detailed information on cleaning power, effects on the hands, and how much is needed!

You can find these are Walmart and for just over $2 dollars! Great value!

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