Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pop Sugar Must Have December 2012 Box Review

For the month of December Pop Sugar Must Have really had their hands full- Luxury boxes for him and her along with their monthly box - which is why i am a little understanding as to why this box didn't exactly have the wow factor i was looking for. It also doesn't help that i had to once again walk a half mile to my post office to pick this up and carry it home because my post office simply refuses to deliver anything mailed FedEx Smart Post. That sort of anger leaves a tiny bias.

All that being said i did like the items to a point. Unlike last month there were no major mishaps and everything was right there were it was supposed to be undamaged. There was an overall nice mix of items that are relevant for the season with only one item not making any sense.

Bodum Bistro Mugs-
I think  when it comes to the month of December (if you are in the northern states at least) a nice warm cup of coffee or tea is the perfect way to start or end a cold day. These glass mugs with a double layer of glass are cool to the touch yet insulate your beverage. Looks pretty on a table and is quite functional. Since they are a little fragile keep away from kids and be easy when washing them.

 Tea Forte Sampler-
Nothing goes better with a new set of mugs like some fresh flavors of tea! This sampler contains black, green, white and herbal teas. Each blend is aromatic, flavorful, and rich. I found seeping these for more than 30 seconds lead to a very strong flavor. I instead seep for just 20 seconds and reuse for a second bag of tea. I enjoyed each flavor but earl grey was my favorite.

 Bogdon's Peppermint Poles-
A perfect holiday treat! Candy Cane Poles covered in chocolate! Crunchy and perfect in coffee. Each one is individually wrapped so that you can them to go and they don't stick together. Minty and chocolate, so delicious.

 Pinch Minimergency Kit-
This tiny little pack had everything you could possibly need for a fashion emergency. Each item is individually wrapped and fits neatly in this small little bag.

 Marianella Antioxidant Moisturizing Milk Bar-
This bar of soap is about two times the size of a normal bar of soap. It has a soft scent and leaves the skin feeling soft. It is great for dry winter skin, but i wouldn't exactly call it a must have.

Go Swype-
This small little wipe is pretty cute. I like the kiss mark and recently got an ipad that needs constant cleaning of the screen. Though this item is functional, you can find these at most 99cents stores.

 Rent the runway -
This item was touted as a gift card and that's when Murry should come out and say the lie detector determined that was a lie. This item is simply 30$ off a rental. Shipping on rental is 35$ so right there is in indication you have to spend a bit of money to use this. It doesn't even cover shipping. To make matters worse the size selection for plus size is minimal to non existent and if you were hoping to pick up something for the holiday, good luck because people reserve in advance. No thank you, this item is worthless.

Overall i enjoyed this month, not the best, but enjoyable. I think for $35 dollars the selection was decent along with keeping with the must have theme with attention to the winter months. If you would like to have the best in home, fashion, beauty, fitness, and more delivered to your door every month for only $35 then you can sign up here! Use code REFERFRIENDS to get $5 off your first box!

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