Sunday, January 6, 2013

Heartland Fragrance Co. Loofa Soaps Review

I first found out about Heartland Fragrance Co. from my Glossybox subscription. I recieved a Loofa Soap in Blood Orange. At first it looked very weird, almost alien like since the Loofa Soap is actually a slice of loofa covered in soap! These Loofa Soaps promise to exfoliate and improve circulation. They are also made naturally and come in a variety of earthy scents. When i first tried blood orange i was a little skeptical because after all it was just a pre-soaped Loofa. The first time i used it i felt little to no exfoliation or circulation improvment, however, the second time i used it i was very surprized. Once the Loofa started to peak out thats when this product became amazing. It made my skin feel new! My skin felt softer, it improved the circulation in my back and legs,  and was amazing for those places that need to be shaved and are prone to ingrown hair if you know what i mean. Plus Blood Orange was such a nice citrus smell.

Right before the holidays Heartland Fragrance Co. had a great sale and i figured i would stock up on these. I use mine about 3 times a week and it is still going strong from October. So they last quite a while. Even when there is only a little soap left getting these wet and squeezing to lather works wonders. Plus it is nice not to have to wash a washcloth. One less piece of laundry. When i received my box i could smell all the products from outside the box. So pleasant and fresh! While i only ordered four there were two extra ones and some Mighty Good Man all natural soap! I wanted to try Oatmeal and Honey so i was very happy to get that one. While i haven't yet had the chance to work my way through these i can tell you each one smells better than the last. Nothing that would over power perfume or scented lotions but they do leave the skin smelling fresh and looking clean. Great on dry feet, ankles, elbows and knees. You can find these and more here!

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