Saturday, January 26, 2013

ELF Shimmer Lips Review and Swatches

I have the most amazing friend! My friend Krys bought me this fantastic gloss collection for Christmas. The ELF Shimmer Lips gloss set included a sheer nude, light pink, hot pink, and red gloss each filled with shimmer. While on the sheer side these glosses did make my lips shiny and shimmery. These had a light scent but no bad taste. Were not heavy on the lips.

Sheer shimmery nude. Adds just a bit of shimmer and is clear enough to let the natural pigmentation of the lip show though.

Light sheer pink with light pigmentation. A little creamy looking on the lips.

A hot pink shimmer gloss. While sheer it does deposit a bit of color on the lips.

A sheer red gloss. This shimmery red gloss looks beautiful on the lips and layered over red lipstick. I did not like that it settled into my lips but i still love how it looks!

Overall i loved this set and i am thankful my friend got it for me! <3

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