Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wantable Co December 2012 Makeup Box Review and Swatches

Back in December had a fantastic deal to promote their new makeup and jewelry boxes. Buy one box and give two to friends. I bought myself a Jewelery box and sent one makeup box to my friend Krys and the other to my son so he could give it to me! I wanted to get a whole feel for Wantable since i was a little skeptical about both boxes. The makeup box arrived super fast and i was pleased with the presentation. I liked the range of products but i think there are many things they need to work on. For starters before you receive your box (you can opt for a subscription at $36 a month which can be paused or skipped at any time or buy boxes when you want for $40.) you take a beauty profile survey so that the products sent are products you will enjoy. Questions such as eye color hair color and even which products you don't want are included in this survey. With this being said i was confused why i received products for medium and dark skin when i am a light skinned individual and filled that out. I wound up loving the shades but it is worth noting. Before the package arrived a list of products was emailed. On the list was a nail polish that was absent from this box (there was a lipstick though, which was also marked for dark skin). I contacted customer service and they were kind enough to send the one that supposed to be included along with an extra one. I appreciate a good customer service.

My Face Cosmetics Slinky Metal Liquid Liner-
I liked this product because it applys well and has good color payoff.

 MiA BelleZZa Mineral Pressed Blush Melon
This blush was a bit coral but overall it applys well. It isn't too soft and has a matte finish. It isn't the most unique product i have ever tried but it was pretty good quality for a brand i have never heard of before.

 Lip Pop Gloss Hey Baby-
This gloss was very sparkly and pink so i was able to over look that it was for medium to dark skin complexion. It glided smoothly on my lips and was very sheer. 

Swagger Highlighting Powder Champagne in the Bubble Bath-
For starters i absolutely  love the packaging. Secondly this sheer highlighting powder suited my skin perfectly. Sometimes i like to use highlighting powders over blush to soften them so i did that in these swatches. I love how much it softened melon while also giving the area around a nice illumination. 

 Swagger Loose Eyeshadow West Side-
Another adorably packaged item. This dense eyeshadow has great pigmentation. I applied it dry without primer and it had some serious staying power. Not to mention a little goes a long way.

Sugar Mama- Gigabite
  This lipstick i assume was sent in error since it wasn't on the list. Another medium to dark product, this lipstick is a soft darkened beige. I like how it applys creamy and soft but still has good pigmentation. It didn't bleed but it did fade pretty fast. It is a nice everyday shade.


 Lil' Bling Chrome Nail Polish Gilt-y
 This item was supposed to be included in my original box however it was missing. Customer service was kind enough to not only send me the missing one but another nice metallic shade by Color Club to try out. I really appreciate the little things that a company does.


 As extras i received Spadro Perfume samples and Kai Samples- to be honest these smelled nice but they weren't something i would go out of my way to purchase. 


Overall while i enjoyed most of these items i have to say that i honestly cannot justify $36 dollars a month. I love discovering new brands but i can do that with subs like Ipsy and only pay 10 dollars a month for mostly full sized items. If i had less subscriptions i probably would have subscribed to the makeup box but right now i cannot justify it. I do however find their jewelry box lovely and it is nice to know at at any time i can purchase a box for 40$. You can check out Wantable makeup boxes or jewelry boxes at

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