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Glam Bag- August 2012- Endless Summer Review

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Damn, i really wanted to be mad about this months bag but i just can't. When i saw that my bag had shipped out i decided to go to the site and take out the element of surprise by spying on what items were included in this months bag. What i saw left me less than thrilled. The same polish as last month? Two of almost the same item? A tiny eyeshadow? Really left me feeling all my subscription services dropped the ball this month. I judged way too quickly since this months bag doesn't only have items i love but an extra item as well! Before i go on to explain Glam Bag is a subscription service where every month you are sent a makeup bag filled with samples. Shipping included this subscription service is only $10! Does this sound awesome? Sign up here!                                                                                                            

The items in this month's bag.

The makeup bag itself, this month, was orange netting with a pink zipper. Nothing too special but non the less cute. Before i signed up for glam bag i had heard tales of how bad these bags smelled, and wow did this one smell. It smelled like very cheap plastic dipped in noxious chemicals. The smells passed after an hour so it wasn't that big of a deal.

The goodies!-
Glam Bag was pretty generous this month!  As a thank you to their subscribers they included a lip gloss. When companies appreciate their costumers like this it shows that they want to make them happy. I am sure they realized some people would find this bag a little sub-par so this was a nice touch!

August 2012 products.

You are welcome!

My Glam Glam Gloss-
I love my My Glam Glam Gloss. I got a beautiful soft baby pink (so perfect!). I love the retro tube design. It reminds me of cosmetics in the 80's. The color itself was not very sheer and had a lot of pigment so i was pleased on that end. Plus it doesn't feel sticky and applies softly on the lips. Even though i am not a lip gloss kind of girl i really like this.
The tube is pretty large!

Holographic box.

top of want


My Glam Glam Gloss swatch

My Glam Glam Gloss Swatch

Circus by Andrea's Choice in Ringmaster-
This is what initially disappointed me. This is the same polish that was included in last month's bag. Seriously though, who can be mad at a neon pink polish? Especially when it matches the awesome soft pink lip gloss.

Salty Cosmetics in Glama-Zoid-
I am a huge fan of pigments because of their versatility. Learning this was not an eyeshadow but rather a pigment of white mixed pink iridescent i was pretty happy. This shadow is very soft, applies easily, is easy to blend, is pretty opaque, and shows up very pigmented even without primer! Use Promo code MYGLAM2012 for 20% off!

SALTY Cosmetics in Glama-ZOID!

SALTY Cosmetics in Glama-ZOID!

SALTY Cosmetics in Glama-ZOID! Swatched over plain skin, no primer!

SALTY Cosmetics in Glama-ZOID! Swatched over plain skin, no primer!

Demeter Clean Skin Roll On Perfume Oil-
I don't know about you but i have been a fan of Demeter for a while now. I love their quirky scents and special editions (who remembers Play Doh?). This smells super fresh. Imagine the scent you smell after stepping out of the shower, that clean smell that fills the bathroom? That is the scent this has! It is super light but very beautiful. I am pretty sure i will be buying the full size version of this product! Use promo code MG8892112 at checkout for 20% off!

Eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging-
This smells like cheap sunscreen. That somewhat turned me off. Since the smell was unpleasant i didn't leave it on my face long enough for it to have any effect. Wish i had a better review of this product but when a scent bothers me, and it is rare, i have to pass altogether.

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