Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Test Tube Summer 2012 Review

I finally, finally received my SUMMER 2012 test tube. Even though the shipping is super slow, i mean 2 weeks slow even though these come from Pennsylvania and i am in New York, i love this subscription "box". When i got sent the wrong tube customer service not only replaced it but allowed me to keep the wrong tube sparing me the trek to the post office. Very thankful.

I was very impressed with the Spring 2012 tube, and while i wasn't AS impressed, i was still pretty stoked when i got the summer tube.

 I have recently started a facial skin/anti-wrinkel regiment and many of the products in this tube were skin care products. (with my other subscription boxes like Birchbox and Glambag i prefer more makeup items) What i love about Test Tube is these samples aren't tiny. Even the smallest sample has enough to get a full feel of the product and the full size products are always worth almost as much as the whole box itself! Test Tube includes more than just products though, you receive New Beauty Magazine, an iPad code to read it on your iPad, a brochure of the products you received and a few little extras!

What did i receive? Scroll down to find out!
Olay Pro-X Clear Complexion Renewing Lotion-
This product is worn under makeup as a moisturizer. I was always under the impression that moisturizing the face wasn't really as important as everyone made it out to be. Once i started to apply moisturizer to my face realized why it was so important. My face went from dry in some areas and oily in others to even all over and feels much softer. This product supplied all of those benefits and also reduces redness.
Price- $39 for kit

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin-
While i don't straighten my hair (helps aid in maintaining Keratin straightening treatments) i do like helping maintain my hair. This product promises to detangle, leave hair shinier, and leave hair stronger. My hair has a lot of split ends and even though it is straight knots up a lot. This product did help to keep my hair untangled. I like that it is in a spray bottle, and that it is small enough to carry with me in my purse for a quick detangle or shine boost. I like this product but since there are so many like it, and since i do not use Keratin straightening treatments, its not a necessity for me.
Price- $20 for 4oz

Lumene Time Freeze Firming Night Cream-
Ever since i got this product i have been using it every night. The very tiny little wrinkles i did have, because i really don't have any, have gone away. This seems like a good preventive cream and also helps with current small facial wrinkles. Since only a tiny bit is needed this sample is going to last me a while and i will consider purchasing the full size once it is finished.
Price- $21

 Hydroxatone Instanteffect-
This product is pretty cool. Small packets of on the go anti-wrinkel skin tightener. I have only minuet small lines but this is nice to have to make them quickly disappear.
Price- $60

 Neutrogena Brightening Eye Perfecter -
I received  the full size version of this product which i was very pleased with since it is pretty big. This product boosts skins radiance by brightening and concealing. I really like that it is an SPF as well! My eyes are one of my most worked areas of my face. I have dark circles, i wear a lot of makeup on that area, and plus it is one of the most sensitive areas on the face. I love how this product is able to conceal and i can wear it under my makeup. It contains vitamins and minerals and is alright for those who wear contact lenses (big plus! since many products contain ingredients that make it unusable to contact wearers)  At least with this concealer i know it is doing something beneficial for my skin.
 Price- $14

 Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum-
I honestly liked this product so much it is now in my daily regiment. This made my skin feel soft. I know, i know it is for wrinkles but it really made my skin feel nice. I applied this all over my face, but i noticed that the area under my eyes had less fine lines and appeared less dark. I used this product under the product listed above. I think these two together are the dream team for those who have eye skin issues! I am very lucky to have received the full size of both products.
Price- $20

 Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick-
In my last tube i received a Mally eyeshadow stick in silver and fell in love with this brand so to recieve another full size i was pretty overjoyed. This product is pretty high quality. I don't really care too much for lip glosses but this is a lipstick in liquid form. I have applied lipstick with a brush before but this was so much smoother and less messy. Since the lipstick is in a twist tube it comes out of the brush so there is no mess. The tube has a cute snake skin design close to the bottom while the middle is clear so that you can see the color. The gold tips make it look classy in my makeup bag. The color applies evenly and has a nice texture. This is not sticky or have any weird smell or taste.

These products were not included in my brochure so i am sure this is one of those little extra's that Test Tube likes to add in. I love that this company goes over and beyond to really give their customers the full experience of testing products. These little samples alone remind me of what i would receive in one Birchbox or Beautyarmy box while the products above remind me of a mini haul of products i would buy on impulse from HSN or QVC both have their own little fun feeling.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Body exfoliating cream-
 I love exfoilators and while this product doesn't seem very special it does do what it says it will (exfoliates and leaves skin feeling soft)

 Jane Iredale Tantasia-
I don't really use tanners but the small area i applied it to on my hand didn't appear streaky or orange. I can't say i recommend this or not, but if you like self tanners this is pretty normal quality wise. 

Lash Food-
This product is supposed to help grow your lashes. Honestly i have not used this product and i am not sure i will. I get uncomfortable about these sorts of products because of the risk of blindness.

Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer-
In love! This moisturizer is now my new favorite product and i have already bought a full size.  This product left my face feeling amazingly soft. Non greasy, non oily, just purse hydration. I absolutely love how soft this made my face feel. Because of how soft this left my skin i did not need to use any foundation aside from face powder. It took a lot of time off my facial routine. I did still use concealer under my eyes.

Do you subscribe to Test Tube? Did you like the products of this season?
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