Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MAC Style Seeker Eyeshadow Duo's in Marche Aux Puces and Whims & Fancies

When i imagine Autumn, i imagine leaves on trees changing from bright green to soft yellow, orange, red and brown. Dark fall leaves lining side walks and streets. Staring out open windows on cool nights sipping tea. Stylish red sweaters. Orange pumpkins and yellow corn. Autumn is both a colorful image and a dark image that reminds us it is the only thing left between hot summer and cold winter. MAC has once again captured a season in their newest collection Style Seeker which manages to incorperate every feeling of Autum into one fantasticly themed collection.

According to the MAC the description of this collection is:
"Fall colour surfaces in a vivid colour collection influenced by the spirit and style of a global wanderer. She has a knack for juxtaposing vintage, ethnic, flea market and avant-garde into stunning original looks, inspiring a world of wanderlust as eclectic and fashionable as she is."
Style seeker includes Eyeshadow Duo's. Fluidline eyeliner, Mattene Lipstick, Lipglass, Powder Blush, and even Nail Lacqure all in deep rich red, purple, orange, brown, and golden shades. 

While i liked the arrangement of this collection i already own a lot of these colors so i opted for only what i thought would compliment my collection. 

The two shadow duo's i decided to get are Marche Aux Puces and Whims & Fancies

I love the packaging of these shadows. The case is closed magnetically not with a snap. The clear window allows you to see the shadows without having to open it. When staking one over the other they will magnetically be pulled together. Ladies keep your credit cards and other sensitive items away from these.

Marche Aux Puces-
This includes a matte chocolate brown and a soft golden copper with a frost finish. Not usually a fan of neutrals but the gold was just too pretty to pass up. Plus these shades can be layered on one another. When applying gold over the chocolate brown it turned into a shimmery brown. The blending is seamless, there is no fall out, they aren't too pigmented so if you want full color you will have to build up to it.

MAC Style Seeker Marche Aux Puces

MAC Style Seeker Marche Aux Puces swatch over primer with flash
MAC Style Seeker Marche Aux Puces swatch over primer without flash.

MAC Style Seeker Marche Aux Puces over primer with flash. Both shades blended together.

MAC Style Seeker Marche Aux Puces over primer without flash. Both shades blended together.

Whims & Fancies-
A frost platinum silver with a purple tint and a matte deep plum purple. Seems like every company is jumping all over purple for fall look and i couldn't love it any more if i tried. These colors blend very effortlessly and there is no fall out. I love how buildible they are and how layering them creates a pretty frosty plum.

MAC Style Seeker Whims & Fancies

MAC Style Seeker Whims & Fancies swatched over primer without flash. Plus combination.

MAC Style Seeker Whims & Fancies swatched over primer with flash. Plus combination.

If you would like to check out these and/or any of the other pieces in the collection please check out

If you have checked out this collection what is your favorite item? What do you think of this collection?


  1. I also purchased Marche Aux Puces--mostly because of the gold shade. While I was a little underwhelmed by the two colors in the pan, on actual skin they become the most amazing colors. I had been eyeing Whims and Fancies also, but ended up not buying it.

    1. I loved Marche Aux Puces for the same reason. I am quite a sucker for metallic shades. Whimes and fancies is great if you like the mini purple trend that is going on now, and it does really look nice blended on the eye.