Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliater Review

I've always scoffed at people who spend lots of money on skin care. What is the point of spending 100 dollars on a cream when you can get something similar at the drugstore? One thing you can't find in the drugstore, Volcanic Ash Exfoliater.

When i first saw this product while browsing the MAC Heavenly Creature Collection i was somewhat confused. Ash doesn't really conger up the mental image of something clean. Now i know people have used mud to help skin feel smooth, but ash, i was so skeptical, but also figured, what the heck, why not try it.

This product is black! Here comes the skepticism again. When applying this to my skin my skin it retained its dark color. I suggest if you use this product that you use it in the shower it does drip black onto white sinks. The smell is a natural earthy smell. Like the ground after a warm summers rain. I liked the grainy texture. While rubbing it into my skin i felt the large grains but didn't mind the feel. After rinsing this product off my face felt soft, my cheeks were rosey (not because of the rubbing because i rub very gently on the cheeks and more so on the nose and forehead where i am prone to breakouts) and i felt like my skin had a better complexion over all. I wouldn't use this everyday due to how much it exfoliates, but it is great for a once or twice a week scrub. You only need a tiny drop of this product, maybe a little more than i have on my hand in the photo above. I really wish this product was not limited edition. I would have gladly added it to my monthly list of products.

You can pick it up here!

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