Thursday, August 9, 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Old Gold Pigment Swatch and Review

I am a little behind but i finally got to posting this. When Hey Sailor! by MAC debuted, i was honestly less than thrilled. While the packaging was really cute, i wasn't up for spending money on what i felt was a lack-luster collection. I soon changed my mind after i saw a few swatches and reviews. I still only purchased one lipstick (To Catch A Sailor, see review here) and this pigment, and i loved both.

MAC Hey Sailor! Old Gold Pigment. How cute is this nautical inspired packaging!

MAC's Hey Sailor! Old Gold is a pigment that is metallic and shimmery in the shade of tarnished gold. It has a bit of an emerald undertone and depending on how it is applied- dry vs. wet, over regular skin vs. over primer, it can appear different. When dry this generally can appear purely gold, when applied wet or over primer the green undertone becomes more apparent. Since this is a pigment there is some fall out so make sure to tap your brush a little bit and don't dig in otherwise you will be wasting product and getting it all over your cheek. When used dry this product is an amazing shimmer. There is a generous amount of this product so i suggest you experiment a little bit.

MAC Hey Sailor! Old Gold Pigment.

MAC Hey Sailor! Old Gold Pigment. you can see the green shimmer in this picture. Click to enlarge.
MAC Hey Sailor! Old Gold Pigment. A little chunky.

MAC Hey Sailor! Old Gold Pigment. With flash. Above over primer under on dry skin.

MAC Hey Sailor! Old Gold Pigment. Without flash. Above over primer below over dry skin.

Curious about the primer i use in most of my posts well here it is. Young Blood Mineral Primer. I use this because it is a natural primer and since it is clear it does not distort the color of my swatches. It also allows me to blend the product and have it look natural against my skin rather than caked on.

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