Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Julep August Mystery Box IT GIRL Review and Swatches

Ah, the illusive mystery box! I don't have the power to reist you. This month Julep released not one but FIVE different categories of mystery boxes. Each category is based on the different style profiles such as It Girl, Bombshell, Boho Glam, American Beauty, and Classic With A Twist. Each category will only have polishes from that style and there will be no cross overs. Julep Mystery boxes cost $19.95 and contain items worth $60-$200 dollars! Considering the polish alone at Sephora is close to $15 dollars each, these are a steal.

The polishes were hidden in this neon green bag.
I decided to buy one of each! The first to arrive was It Girl, it arrived in just 2 days. When i saw the box in my mail box and noticed that it was even smaller than the Maven monthly box i let out a sigh. Now i know when you buy a mystery box you run the risk of getting either a lot or a little, i was just shocked that it was as little as it was but hey, i knew what i was buying when i bought it. It Girl had a disclaimer that it was for polish lovers and i knew that i would probably not recieve any other products with the polish.

A nice range of Julep Polishes.
I received five polishes, four shades and one base coat and i absolutely love them. They are a nice range of colors, they all apply opaquely and evenly, take only one coat, and are fast drying. The only polish that was a little streaky was Megan and that was due to the metallic swirls in it. I think if Megan was applied over another color such as a white base, or even Jessica this problem could have been avoided.

A pastel powdery blue!

A shimmery red metallic copper.

A pearlesq fuchsia.

A turquoise metallic.

Did you purchase a mystery box? What did you recieve?
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