Friday, August 24, 2012

Julep August Mystery Box AMERICAN BEAUTY Review and Swatches

Ah, the illusive mystery box! I don't have the power to resist you. This month Julep released not one but FIVE different categories of mystery boxes. Each category is based on the different style profiles such as It Girl, Bombshell, Boho Glam, American Beauty, and Classic With A Twist. Each category will only have polishes from that style and there will be no cross overs. Julep Mystery boxes cost $19.95 and contain items worth $60-$200 dollars! Considering the polish alone at Sephora is close to $15 dollars each, these are a steal.

I decided to buy one of each! The fourth one to arrive was American Beauty. Now i know that there was quite a gap between this post and the last post and that was due to my post office reporting it delivered even though i never received it. Julep replaced the box (once again A+ customer service!) but the post office kept not delivering it. I am just glad i finally got it! This is the best box i have gotten so far since I love julep hand creams. This mystery box included Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener, Julep Glyoclic Hand Scrub, Julep Daylight Defense Lip balm, and the polishes Pippa, Natalie, and Amy.

Aren't these colors just gorgeous! The combination of all three remind me a bit of toned down 80's shades. When i saw them i already started to think of bright colored french tip manicures.

A creamy light beige. This is a great nude shade for the nails. I think it would make a perfect base color, perfect french manicure color, or just a color to offset some brighter colors. It was not streaky, dried fast, and this color swatch was achieved with one swipe!

A creamy soft coral pink. I like how soft this color looks on my nails. This applied creamy, evenly, and i was able to achieve this color in one swipe.

My favorite of the three colors i received in this box. Creamy, dark, turquoise. I am not sure if it's because i am native American or because i love the color turquoise but i love this shade. As always this was creamy to apply, even coverage, and i was able to achieve an opaque coverage with only one stroke.

Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener, Julep Glyoclic Hand Scrub, and Julep Daylight Defense Lip balm-
I already have these from a mystery box i got in June. These are the perfect size to throw in your purse, the Glyoclic Hand scrub really exfoliates the hands and makes them feel soft. The Age Defying Hand Brightener made my hands look less worn especially after all the dishes and cleaning after my son. The Lip Balm is always good to have and it is a great base to use under drying lipsticks!

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