Saturday, August 25, 2012

Julep August Mystery Box BOHO GLAM Review and Swatches

Ah, the illusive mystery box! I don't have the power to resist you. This month Julep released not one but FIVE different categories of mystery boxes. Each category is based on the different style profiles such as It Girl, Bombshell, Boho Glam, American Beauty, and Classic With A Twist. Each category will only have polishes from that style and there will be no cross overs. Julep Mystery boxes cost $19.95 and contain items worth $60-$200 dollars! Considering the polish alone at Sephora is close to $15 dollars each, these are a steal.

I decided to buy one of each! The final one to arrive was Boho Glam.This box was a happy medium of everything i expect in a mystery box. Product, tools, and polish. Who's ready for a fall pedicure? I am! The toe separators hare both colorful and work perfectly! The giant file is perfect for imperfect feet. It is also much easier to hold on to than the ped-egg (such a fail). The Best Pedi Prep Ever makes my feet feel so soft and combined with the foot file my feet actually look like they did pre-mommy hood.

This right here is the power couple. Want soft, callous free feet, here are your tools! Pick them up as a bundle here!

Time for fall ready colors?

What i received in my Boho Glam mystery box.

Julep Blake, Michelle, and Alyson.

For some reason many of the polishes i have been getting have had the lable on the side. I hate this.

A deep, opaque, navy. This is the perfect nail shade for a nautical themed outfit (in my opinion). This picture is shown with only one swipe. Yes these colors are that pigmented. One other note, if you have seen/heard about Ciate's velvet you can use this color as a dupe for their navy and just use matching flocking powder to create your own Julep Velvet nails. Find flocking here! (apply one coat of polish, let dry, apply a thick coat to one nail at a time, sprinkle flocking powder over the tops of the nails while wet and press gently let dry, do not use a top coat)

A creamy, pastel, yellow. This yellow is so soft it will look great on any skin tone. It is a little less pigmented than other shades i've tried. Two coats gets this shade mostly even. I got a little messy with it so excuse my pictures. This looks like a great shade for spring, Easter, accent nail, or stamped on a darker color. It is also just soft enough to still give a pop of color to fall.

A nice and neutral taupe. This brownish nude is great for days when you decide to wear a smoky eye and nude lip. (Am i the only one who matches makeup with other parts of my outfit?) I was able to achieve full color with only one swipe.

I have noticed some blogger's complaining about chipping. The solution is to swipe a top coat on the tips of your nails everyday and touch up with a full top coat every 2-3 days depending on how much you use your hands for cleaning etc. Of course always use a base coat.

In case you don't know what Julep is, it is a nail polish subscription service where every month, delivered free to your door, is a box filled with polish, products, and other goodies. Each box is worth at least 40$. Why pay almost 20$ each at Sephora for these when you can have a beautiful box filled with multiple polishes and products for 20$? Plus being a Maven (what you are once you sign up) you are given a discount on all polishes through the Maven boutique or add on polishes for only $4 dollars! Best of all you can get your first box for only a PENNY use promo code PENNY! Sign up here!

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