Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Beauty Test Tube Spring 2012 Review

Ever since i found out that The Look Bag was discontinued i wanted something to replace it. I think i found something a thousand times more epic and i am glad i did.

Bright Pink Box!
New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty subscription service, however, it is a little differnt from Birchbox, Julep, and Beauty Army, just to name a few. This service is seasonal. Every three months New Beauty sends out a Test Tube filled with more than 10 samples and deluxe sized items. These items combine are worth more than had they been bought alone. You also receive the New Beauty Magazine, which by itself, is $10 dollars an issue. So how much is it? With shipping it is $38 dollars. Test Tube has higher end, well known samples, and also includes a brochure about what you have received. I felt a little classy receiving this! Now i know $38 seems steep but it evens out to $12.60 a month. Not bad, not bad at all!

I will!
As for what i received, well i am very impressed. It was defiantly higher end, more expensive items, most full sized. This box felt less like a sample service and more of a box of products i would have bought on my own, except this is steeply discounted. I think its win win!

(NOTE- I have found out that i received the Spring 2012 tube instead of the summer 2012, i was told i would receive a replacement tube. A+ Customer service.)

The actual "tube" of products, brochure, magazine, and extra.

All of my goodies!

Moroccan Oil- Frizz Control-
I was pretty excited about this item since ive heard such amazing things about it. I have flat hair that is so frizzy and this seems to sooth things out even after only one use. It didn't feel heavy or make my hair feel greasy.
Price: $32 for 3.4 oz. I received the full size.

NeoStrata Cellular Restoration-
Now i wasn't even sure if i needed this since i am still young, but, after talking to a friend it has come to my attention that wrinkel prevention should start at 21. Since i am pretty past 21 i will be starting with this product. I like how it feels on my skin. I see no immediate changes, but prevention is better than waiting for a problem i guess. This is made with apple stem extract and reduces oxidation damage by restoring skin-plumbing collagen.
Price: $79 for 1.75 oz. I received .5 oz

Memoire Liquide-
I received lotion and two samples of perfume. The lotion smells a little like a mix between citrus and floral. It is soft and feminine. I do like it, I don't love it, but i do like it! The perfume has a strong jasmine smell due to it containing mimosa (which has a powder like smell), and jasmine. Its very soft and fresh smelling. Together these smell great. Apply the lotion on after the perfume though.
Price: Perfume $95 and lotion $24. I received the full sized lotion

Olay Regenerist-
I have seen so many commercials on this and never once have i thought to try this. I really am not concerned with wrinkles or aging, but every since my friend mentioned that prevention starts in the early 20s I've been thinking about it. This feels smooth on the skin and while i have limited lines it did make my under eyes look a little better. I have dark circles and some lines because i am constantly rubbing product on under there to hide it. I don't think i personally would ever buy this product but i did like it.
Price: $28 for 1.7oz. I received  .23 fl oz

Perlier- Grapfruit Foam Bath
This smells amazing! I love anything that smells like citrus and to take foaming bath with the scent of grapefruit (which goes perfect with my facial scrub) makes me pretty happy. I pared this with a fruit scented soap.
Price: $24.50 .

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner-
I needed this! Not that my pores are huge but on my noes they are noticeable and they do get clogged easily. This product extracts black heads. Ive only used it once so for but it seems to have improved my nose a little bit. I like how well it works so fast, but i can get similar results using a pore strip. This has an added benefit of it shrinks pores over time fixing the problem rather than just putting a band aid on it.
Price: $45

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick-
This is an eyeliner, eyeshadow, primer, and can be blended to make a smokey eye. I like that i can use this product without a brush. I don't like how it applies i am not a fan of creamy type eye products but this is good for a subtle smokey look. I like that i can use it as a color base to stick shadow to and that is probably how i will use it most. Plus no sharpener needed.
Price: $25 I received full size.

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic-
This product is supposed to neutralize free radicals and promote collagen synthesis. I cant say this does or doesn't work, nor can i say whether i like it or not, but its one of those nice products that is fun to try!
Price: $146

YBF Eye Liner-
I've mentioned YBF in a previous post, you can check it out here. YBF is one of those fun brands that makes products with a purpose. This product is an eye liner that goes on smooth, is pigmented, classy design, and has a sharpener attached. I received Plum Noir- which is a bit of a purple color. I haven't had a chance to swatch yet. I love how it doesn't tug at my eye lid or feel dry in away way.
Price: $14.50 I received the full sized product.

And now for the extras!
I received cupon cards for any purchase at

 A brochure of the items i received.

Details, price, and where to buy!

Plus this very thick, very informative, magazine!

What i love most about this subscription box is how many full size and deluxe size products you get for just about the same price as other subscription boxes. For the first time, ever, i can go through a magazine, look at the tips, and realize i own a majority of those items due to the test tube. They go hand and hand and that is very helpful. Plus i like learning new tips and tricks and test them out!
I really would suggest this box to anyone who is content with waiting 3 months in between boxes and likes to be surprized with anything from wrinkel repair, to perfume to makeup!
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  1. Hi!
    I'm a new email and GFC follower. I read on The Look Bag's facebook page that they are re-launching as of Sept. 1st. I haven't tried either of the New Beauty Test Tube (this one nor the QVC one) but have heard mostly positive things. But maybe I'll try it at some point in the future...Have you heard of Starlook's Starbox? It's a newer monthly subscription service, but is only full size cosmetics! I posted review on my blog of their June and July boxes (their 2nd and 3rd months). With shipping the cost is $16.98 ($15 + $1.98 shipping) and always arrives pretty quickly. It's the only subscription service that I know of that is solely full size cosmetics! If you do decide to give Starbox a try I would very much appreciate it if you could mention that you heard of it from Jaclyn's Musings. I'm including direct links to both of my reviews.
    Happy Blogging!

    1. Are they? I guess i am behind. I am glad they are re-releasing LookBag but i may be skeptical to sign up after everything they pulled.
      The test tube is pretty great, the size of the products and worth of the products, and the extras they throw in are wonderful.
      I have not heard of Starlooks but i just checked out their site and it seems pretty nice, however at the moment i am subscribed to quite a few boxes and bags but i may sign up in the future and i will be sure to mention you/link you!