Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Big Pink Box November Review

I can't begin to tell you how excited i am every time i receive my The Big Pink Box. I feel happy that i am supporting women owned small business, i feel special since i know there are only about 100 boxes per month, i feel unique because i know not everyone will have the products i am reviving, and i feel beautiful because the cosmetics so far have been such good qaulity!

If you are interested in getting a The Big Pink Box every month you can check it out here! It is only $25 dollars a month, but you wont find another subscription like this one!

This months box was very accessory themed!

Spectrum Cosmetics- Pink Gardenia-
I loved how soft this felt on my lips. It didn't add much color but more of a shimmer. It was very high gloss and at not point left my lips feeling sticky. It lasted about any hour, but my lips were very soft afterward. I think i would use this under lipsticks or over lipsticks to add some shimmer or to soften my lips
You can find this product at
Spe3ctrum Cosmetics by Amber Rose

My lips can be very pale sometimes!

Komplete Me Accessory Boutique Earings-
These earrings are pretty, i need to stress that, however, since i live in NYC, i can find accessories like this in China Town and other places for about 50 cents-5$, so seeing them marked up to 25$ kind of really is off putting. If you live in a small town and don't have any stores that sell very cheap accessories like this, this would be good for you. I do understand that small companies have to mark products up to help them start up, and i do understand that maybe they aren't getting these at wholesale or as cheap as they are in my location. So all that bias aside, as i said these earrings are pretty!
Price: $25
You can find products like this at

Bracelet BY Conspiracy 13-
I thought this bracelet was really cute! Even though it is very simple, sometimes all you need is a simple accessory, I thought highly of it until i saw how much it was being sold for. I would never, ever, ever, pay $27 for this product. A handcrafted jewelry piece made creatively yet, a simple silver bracelet with a small strip of suede through it, absolutely not.
Price: $27
You can find this at:
by Jess "Stitch" Jaroszenski

Bracelet by Incredible Boutique-
This was hands down my favorite item in the box. It is so beautiful. I know it looks like a simple beaded bracelet, but its the small details that make it amazing. For starters it is very sturdy. I like the details of the gem-ed key and gem-med bar. This braclet is very comfortable and has a good amount of stretch but wont fall off!
Price: $30
You can find this at

Berry Mudslide Handmade Artesian Soap by Cream and Coco-
This product was also highly impressive in this months box! I realize in this picture that the soap looks very small, but i have been washing my face with it for about a week and a half now, and it still looks almost the same size! It was a generous amount! It has a somewhat earthy scent with notes of what unsweetened cranberry (a soft, sweet, fruity smell, but not sugary). My boyfriend said it smelled like unscented hotel soap, but i was like, yeah if unscented hotel soap smelled earthly, fresh berry like, and soft! This product left my face feeling clean and soft, and reminded me of the same clean i got from using the Volcanic Ash exfoliate from MAC (except this product does not exfoliate. If you are looking for some great soap that will leave you feeling clean, smelling good, and is unique, you need to check this soap out.
Price: $4
You can find this product at
@Creamandcoco (Twitter and Instagram)

Earrings from Sarah's Boutique-
These earrings are really cute. I do feel the same way about these as i do about Komplete Me's earrings however, i think $10 is much more reasonable. These three pairs really go well together. I, personally, would not purchase these earrings at that price because of what is available to me where i live, but if you live somewhere where cheaper accessories are hard to find, this is a great option.
You can find these products and more at:

Though i may not sound thrilled about this months box, i am. I may have gripes about certain items and their worth, but at least i got to try them! I try to keep an eye out for each brand i encounter, and save business cards. In the future i hope that the brands i may not consider buying from now, wow me with something in the future! I can't wait for my next box!

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