Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Review

I know i usually post about cosmetics but this product deserves a spot on this blog. During the summer i decided to buy Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins because i thought they would be an easy and simple way to style my hair without using chunky butterfly beautician clips. I have thin hair that doesn't always keep a style so i was pretty desperate for a good product. Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin delivered.

When i received my Beauty Blogger Vox Box i was very pleased to see this product since i had already given it my seal of approval. All summer long i was able to do beautiful up do's, messy and neat buns, and even double buns with minimal work and all day style even in humid weather. Goody Simple Style Spin Pins kept my hair up even when it was wet from the being in the pool or at the beach.

Top left bun in the morning, bottom left bun after 6 hours. Right- nerdy chic.
Now that it is fall i am pleased to say that this product is perfect! I am on the north east coast and our Autumn's and Winter's can be a little harsh on hair styles. Gusting wind and raining slush, not a help to most styles. With these Spin Pins no mater the gust of wind or rain my bun remains.

To use Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin is simple. Forget rubber bands, bobby pins, or clips. Simply wrap your hair into a messy (or neat) bun and twist (close to your scalp) the first pin through the right side of the top of the bun and the second pin (close to your scalp) through the bottom left side Make sure they do not twist into each other or they may get stuck and thats it! If you want spray a little hair spray or prior to twisting add a little moose, styling gel, or leave in conditioner (depending on your hair type). If you want to get creative you can always try tying a ribbon around your bun, attaching a flower to a side bun, or make a braid before applying your Spin Pins for a braided bun.

When you are ready to remove your Spin Pin's simply twist out slowly and that's it! 

Some extra facts-
- Does the work of 20 bobby pins!
- Most looks can be completed in about 2 minuets
- Does not require a ponytail older
- Easy to use and easy to take out.
- Can be found in drugstores for about $7.29

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from for testing and reviewing purposes. All of my opinions are my honest thoughts regarding the product.

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