Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle in White Barn Review

There is nothing i love more about fall then the scents of fall. Pumpkin, apple, spice, warmth, pine, etc. I love it and always tend to stock up on products with these scents. So when i opened my Beauty Blogger Voxbox and instantly smelled something fall themed and spicy i got excited. The smell, just from opening the box, was amazing. It wasn't overpowering or too strong though, just right, like the Goldylocks of scents.

Once i realized that this scent was coming from a Bath and Body Works candle i was no longer surprised. Bath and Body Works has always impressed me with their aromatic candles. I could just nod and say, once again, well done! The scent i received was White Barn No. 1 Nutmeg and Spice. This fall, slightly nutty and spicy, scent when burned made my whole apartment smell like i had been baking some spiced pie or spiced cookies! Needless to say when i had company they were let down to find out there were no baked goods but surprized that such a little candle packed such a great scent!

The best way to use this candle is to place it in a central room in your house or apartment and let it make a parameter of great scent around you. Place it low on a coffee table, end table, kitchen table, or even a tv stand! Hot air rises and your house will fill with scent faster if it is lower to the ground. I like to burn these in the evening when the lights are low so i can relax by it but it is also good to light in the afternoon to have your house smelling fantastic by evening. Placing it in a decorative candle holder also makes it look even more festive!

Disclaimer i received this product complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from Influenster through the VoxBox program.

Some Additional Information:
-Just because this candle is small doesnt mean it doesnt provide a good amount of scent! So don't worry about it's size
- Bath and Body Works Mini Candles were developed and tested by a team of home franfrance experts, including the worlds best master perfumers (so lots of care is put into every candle's scent detail!)
-This candle will burn for 15 hours!
- You can find these at Bath and Body Works online and in stores for $3.50 for a mini, $9.50 for a small, $12.50 for a medium, and $19.50 for a 3 wick large candle. There is a candle for every budget in every size!

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