Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta Review and Swatches

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta
Prepare yourself! The next few posts will be focusing on a great brand that i feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to review! This post will focus on Milan Rowe Pout Paste.

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta
The first thing i noticed about this product is the packaging. I love the intricate pink design, i think it adds a bit of an elegant feel to it. Details, details, details.

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta

Fiesta Pout Paste-
Pout paste is super shiny, light weight, Lip Gloss. You can apply this with your finger but i have to suggest you apply this with a lip brush for precision and a polished look. Fiesta is a bright hot pink with a bit of fuchsia shimmer. Highly pigmented, can be built up from sheer to full coverage. No strange taste or smell. I loved how smooth this felt! At no point did i find it sticky. Since it is a gloss i only got about 3 hours of wear. What i liked most about this product is the color payoff when applied to bare lips. I think this is great on its own but i think it would also look nice layered over a lipstick such as Dulce Diva to allow the color to last longer. This product will make your lips feel moisturized but not wet. I did not find this product to feather or bleed, nor did i find it to amplify any lip flaws. This product made my lips feel softer than when i put it on so if you have normally dry lips and are worried about it showing through you really wont have a problem with this product.

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta without flash

Milan Rowe Pout Paste in Fiesta with flash
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Over all i would recommend Milan Rowe Fiesta Pout Paste to anyone who is looking for a bright and multidimensional gloss that can be sheer when applied lightly or opaque when built up. Can be layered over lipstick or worn alone. It is a great multi-use product. If you want to try bold and bright colors, Milan Rowe is a great place to turn to. You won't be disappointed. To see the whole range of shades and products please check out Milan Rowe Cosmetics.  


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  1. I love this, it's such an attention grabbing colour. Cute post :) x