Thursday, November 8, 2012

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact in Dark Shadows Review

So if you have been with me since the beginning of my blog you should know i am no stranger to showing love for both high end and drugstore products. Browsing drugstore products can sometimes be a gamble. Will the color payoff be good? How about pigmentation? Will this product last? Will it be high quality?  Lots of factors to consider. One company that has had consistently great products with amazing quality for their price is NYC - New York Color.

New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compacts (which you may have noticed i have reviewed before in different colors here!) are all in one, all you need, to create a full eye look. This product includes a primer, an illuminator, applicator and four soft complimentary shadows.

While the shadows are soft they blend very easily. Their pigmentation is good. The primer great for the price and brings out the pigmentation in the shadows even more when they are layered on it. The illuminator makes the shades brighter and is great to apply under the brow to brighten the look. Both the illuminator and the primer are cream so you can use your fingers to apply for a smaller foundation/cover up brush. Using the shadows over the primer will allow the shadows to last for about 5 hours without creasing. If you are a bit of novice in terms of applications there is a how to on the back of the package and one below, scroll down to see. This product is a great starter product and introduction to makeup, since it requires so little in addition for a complete look. You can use all the shadows together or use them one at a time. These shades can be used to make a smokey eye look or just a light look with a dark, dramatic crease. You really have so many options with this palette.

There are a few cons. Since the shadows are soft (which isn't a bad thing) you should be careful when pressing your applicator (or brush) into them. Another small con is that because they are soft there is some fall out. Have a blending sponge handy or a fan brush, or even just a tissue to wipe up any that may land on your cheek. Since both the primer base and the illuminator are cream they are prone to having the shadow dust off into them. What you can do is take a small piece of plastic wrap and cover them when using the shadows. This palette is a little fragile so don't carry it in your purse, you really wont need touch up's anyway!

How to create a quick blended look:
Not pictured- apply your primer to your lid and lend it out to right under the brow.
Top to bottom, left side
Step 1- Apply the second shade to your lid and make sure to stop right before you reach your crease. Make sure to pat on gently. You can use your applicator or an eyeshadow brush. 
Step 2- Fill in your crease with the third shade. applying from the inner corner out. Then blend with a soft back and forth motion
Step 3- Apply the first color under the arch of the brow and blend with a back and forth motion with the crease.

Top to bottom, right side.
Step 4- Apply the fourth and darkest color to the fold of the outer crease blending vertically to define the eye and make the shadow dramatic (if you want you can omit this step if you feel it is too dark on your eye, or use it only as a night look.
Step5- use the darkest color as an eye liner both above and under the eye (you can layer liquid liner over it and add mascara if you would like
Step 6- you're done!

If you would like to add even more drama you can always use the third color as your lid color and blend out the crease with the fourth color, and still using the first color as your under brow high lighter. This would make a very dramatic smokey eye!

These are quick and easy looks that should only take about 5 minuets to make.

You can find these in drugstores for about $4.99. NYC New York Color products range from $.99 to $4.99 making them some of the most affordable, chic, makeup that you can find in the drugstore.
 You can't go wrong with these on trend products!

Disclaimer- I received this product complimentary for reviewing purposes from . This review contains only my honest thoughts and opinions of this product.

If you would like more information on this product or any other NYC- New York Color product please check out .

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