Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit Review

Drama, drama, drama! And no i do not mean high school girls or reality tv! I am talking false lashes! The easiest way to get your eyes looking dramatic is to have thick, full, long lashes. If you are like me, you might not have been blessed with thick long lashes. So what to do? You can try voluminous mascaras or lash growing formulas, or you can just pick up Kiss Ever Pro Lash Starter Kit. I would recommend the latter.

Kiss Ever Pro Lash Starter Kit includes everything you will need for dramatic and full lashes. Even though product name says PRO, you do not need to be a Pro to apply these. With a hot pink, easy grip, lash tweezers, you can easily grasp the lashes to either put them on, or take them off.  I started to fret that they would be hard to remove from the plastic but there are slits that just perfectly lifts them up for easy grasping (i love companies that pay close attention to details!).
With Kiss Ever Pro Lash Starter Kit you don't even need to buy glue. You receive a generous amount of 24 hour flexible hold strip eyelash adhesive(13 g) . I liked that i was able to rub my eye (gently) and not have to worry about these lashes just popping off. So if you have slight allergies, or just tend to rub your eyes you wont have to worry as much about these lashes. I can't say for sure if it lasted 24 hours, but i did take a nap while my son was asleep and woke up with these lashes in tact. That made me exceptionally happy.

As for how to use Kiss Ever PRO Last Starter Kit you simply use your tweezers to gently lift the lashes from the plastic. Make sure to bend the plastic up so they are easier to remove. Once removed add a thin line of glue. Let sit for about 60 seconds until the lash glue is no longer white.  Gently use your lash tweezers to lift from the lash corner and apply over makeup or bare eye lids starting from the outside of the lash and going in. press gently and apply eye liner, or leave as as.

I am sorry if my eyes look very tired in these pictures, i was very exhausted. I had these lashes on all day and then took the picture. I felt this would give the most honest and realistic results. As you can see they are in tact and very full.

What i really loved? They did not feel heavy on my lashes. They were easy to remove with some makeup remover. They are reusable. They stay put all day. They were easy to apply.

Just a few tips
-Make sure to put them up to your eye to make sure they fit your lid, if not you can cut the excess off if too long, or place closer to the outer corner of the eye if they are too short.
-If you have trouble applying them straight, i recommend holding your lid straight and then applying. It prevents tugging on skin that may be scrunched up under it.
-If you are having trouble removing them, q-tips with a tiny drop of mild soap and warm water help to loosen the glue and don't damage the lashes.

Even though these are dramatic they aren't too wild. You can wear them to work, school, anywhere you please. I like to wear them to go to school, or run errands. If i am too lazy to do a whole look, placing some dramatic lashes can sometimes be all i need to look my best. You would be surprised at how much of a change these lashes can make to your beauty routine.

Disclaimer: I received this product from Influenster.com complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own honest thoughts on the product.

Some extras you should know about this product:
- There are various styles, the one in this blog is #05
- You can find this product in Walgreens for $4.99
- Glue drys in 30-60 seconds
- Reuseable
- Made from high quality human hair
- Glue is latex free, oder free, water proof, odor free, and water proof.

If you want more infromation on this product and other Kiss brand products please check out their website at  http://www.everezlashes.com/home.

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