Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sinful Colors Sinfully Magnetic in Force Field and Snake it Out Review and Swatches

A while back while roaming around my local Rite Aid, on a bottom shelf, i found some Sinful Colors polishes. I have been a long time fan of this affordable polish that allows you to grow your nail polish collection, try out new colors, and not break the bank! So when i see something new from this brand i want to get my hands on it. These polishes were different from the normal Sinful color's in that they are magnetic. I have been a bit of a fan of this new polish craze but it seemed as though most companies were doing the same thing or very similar things. Sinful Color's take on the magnetic craze is snake skin. A woven, diamond shape, like design is supposed to mimic the pattern on a snakes skin. Many snakes have a bit of shimmer to their skin, so this polish is right on point. The best thing? The magnet is removable, like a ring, so you and use it on ANY magnetic polish you may already have! These polishes are a bit more expensive from the normal $1-$2 price range and are about $4.99 which is still about half the price of other brands.

In terms of quality, this brand delivers on what it offers. You see that picture on the side of the bottle, that is literally what you will be seeing on your nails. This is a company that shows you the real results and does not Photoshop or over exaggerate. I really appreciate that. Even if this company is now own by Revlon i like that it has maintained its roots.

Force Field-
This is a deep, rich, shade of forest green. When applied it looks exactly like it does in the bottle. It is true to color. This manicure is very simple to do. Apply a thin coat of polish to all nails, let dry. Apply a thick coat to one nail at a time, applying the magnet in between each nail. The second coat should be a little thicker then the first. When applying the thicker second coat and applying the magnet the area in the design will be darker then the imprints. This 3D manicure will give your nails a unique snake skin look.

Snake It Out-
This gold AND silver polish is both snake like and kind of just perfect for the holidays! This polish combines two metallic shades and makes it work! The light snake skin, 3D design is easy to create just follow the steps above. This manicure is true to the swatch that came with the bottle and was very simple to create. Dried fast, but not too fast, did not chip until 3 days later (i use my hands a lot since i have my son, should last longer on those that have longer nails and don't use their hands as much).

 Overall i think this is a refreshing take on the whole magnetic look, i appreciate the company being honest about what it will look like when applied, and i like the overall design and look of this polish!


  1. I bought 5 of these when I first spotted them at my local Rite Aid--but I could not get the snakeskin effect to work! Looking at your pics, I must have done something wrong as your nails are picture-perfect. Maybe I will give them one more try...

    1. My suggestion is when you do the second coat make sure it is thick and that you do one nail at a time. Hold the magnet as close as you can without touching the nail and hold for about 5-10 seconds. That worked for me.