Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Cream Glitter Shadows Review and Swatches

Every year Wet N Wild releases their Fantasy Makers products which are just a little bit more colorful and fun then their normal products. An example of this is their glitter palettes. Though these were released prior to Halloween you may still be able to find them in drugstores.

These are cream shadows that have a layer of glitter over the top. Once the top layer of glitter is gone these are just very creamy shades. They do not dry, they do not last, they crease, and are not of the best quality. If you would like these products to last i would suggest using a setting powder on top or using them as an eyeshadow base. On their own they are sub par but are fun for the holiday of Halloween. The shades the lack glitter are a little bit higher in quality and apply almost as a gel.

The four available shades are:
 12417- Fairy Flight- This palette contains an golden orange, copper red, grey, white, olive green, and forest green.

12472-Meteor Shower has an overall blue theme, the left side has a white, black with rainbow glitter, and a grey, silver, bright navy blue, and deep aqua blue. This is one of these worst in terms of qaulity which is a shame because with this color scheme it HAD so much potential.

12470 - Pixi Dust- These colors are the 90's all over again with their frosty finishes and bright colors, this is something i would have worn in junior high school. That doesn't mean i hate it, i think it has potential. Lime green, soft pink, bright blue, white with iridescent glitter, lilac and gold. This is a very spring themed palette. These don't preform as bad as the others but it certainly isn't the best.

12473- Stars and Snipes- This red, white, grey, and black themed palette is the best in terms of pigmentation, quality, application, and even the way the glitter looks (not as crumbly). These also are the most easy to blend. The colors are a little redundant but they mix well.

As you can see the shades with glitter on top can be a little gritty whereas the ones without apply more matte like and more opaque. Some of these glitter shades are so under pigmented that they can double as children's makeup. While these are novel makeup they should still live up to some standard, and these seem to be all over the place. How do you feel about novel makeup?

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