Monday, November 19, 2012

Milan Rowe Lipstick in Caribbean Queen, Lavender Lust, and Alter Ego Review and Swatches

Prepare yourself! The next few posts will be focusing on a great brand that i feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to review! This first post will focus on three lipsticks that are daring, bold, and beautiful!

Lately there has been an explosion of bright colored makeup from eyes to lips, more and more companies are popping up offering up their best, break the mold, trendy brights, and i have tried many of these brands (some which have greatly disappointed). When i was contacted about Milan Rowe the usual skepticism (that i feel about almost everything) was absent! I had a good feeling about this brand just from browsing the site (which is very user friendly and included a wide range of products). When i received the products, i loved how they were so neatly packaged in a sleek black box with Milan Rowe tissue paper. Its the little touches that wow me before the actual product.

In matte black tubes with silver bands, they reminded me a little of MAC.  The tubes are sturdy and classy.

I received Caribbean Queen, Lavender Lust, and Alter Ego. These three shades are very creamy, but not waxy, streaky, and do not feather, or bleed. There is no overpowering scent or flavor. These shades are not drying. They apply very opaquely and feel soft on the lips. I like that even though these are highly pigmented they do not feel heavy or appear chalky. To compare to brands that offer up similar products they do not feel grainy like Ka'oir or waxy like Limecrime. If you are looking for brights with a better formula, consistency, staying power, opacity, pigmentation, and presentation, you need to check out Milan Rowe.

 Caribbean Queen-
Bright, bold, opaque, and highly pigmented light green (can appear almost mint in some lights), is an excellent statement lip. While you may think this is an unacceptable color to wear this shade will get you noticed! If you wear Milan Rowe Caribbean Queen with a neural eye along with a trendy outfit with pops of this color, it can go together very well, and look more polished then you may think. It will definitely get you noticed! Non streaky and does not wash out your skin. Since the shade is light it wont come off as witchy or Halloween. This lipstick is very smooth, and drys to a matte finish (but isn't drying on the lips). Hides most lip flaws. While this shade may be different from red's, nude's, and pinks, sometimes its better to break the mold then go along with it!

Alter Ego-
Another bold and bright lip shade! Milan Rowe Alter Ego is described as an aqua sea frost teal but appears more medium blue against my skin tone. Highly pigmented, non streaky, non chalky, hides most lip flaws, non grainy, non waxy. This pretty much is a perfectly formulated high pigment lipstick. Goes on creamy with a semi-matte/matte finish. This is a statement lipstick that everyone should have in their collection. If you are going to go bold but have some reservations, do it with blue! If you are worried about over doing it choose a black or navy smokey eye, or even some navy eyeliner and pair with a neutral outfit! Overall this shade will get you noticed and is a nice pop of color from the normal range of reds, nudes, and pinks! Confidence is sexy, so let is shine through with this shade!

 Lavender Lust-
If the shades above aren't for you (though i do recommend you try them before you disregard them), Milan Rowe also offers some everyday shades. If you were thinking about going for a purple shade this might be the perfect one for you. This frosty lavender/lilac with a silver shimmer goes on so creamy and soft. This color is can be built up from just a hint of purple/shimmer to full coverage. Non streaky, non grainy, does not feather, does not bleed, non waxy, non chalky, and non drying. This will beat anything you find in drugstores and even some high end brands like MAC. In some lights this shade can appear pinkish so if you want something that you can wear to work or school or aren't ready to try super bright shades this is a great option!

Over all i would recommend this lipstick formula to anyone who appreciates a good quality lipstick. If you want to try bold and bright colors, Milan Rowe is a great place to turn to. You won't be disappointed. To see the whole range of shades and products please check out Milan Rowe Cosmetics. 



  1. I so would not be brave enough for these but WOW they are amazing. The formula sounds really nice too :) Thank you for sharing x

    1. Milan Rowe has other shades you should check them out!

  2. Amazing colors! I wonder if they function similar to the OCC lip tars, where you can mix them to make different colors. I do like the sophisticated packaging though.

    1. I am sure they can. I haven't tried it yet though.

  3. Lavender Lust looks like an awesome color. Does it stay on well?