Monday, July 16, 2012

YBF Automatic Eye Brow Pencil Review

Today I got two packages in. One with my friends birthday presents (so excited to give them to her!) and the other box from birchbox which contained my Luna bars and my YBF brow pencil and brush.

Intro Card

I've got to be honest here, I am not much of a brow groomer. In fact I never focus on them, however, I've come to realize that a set of well groomed eye browns can really make a look, look much more put together. YBF (your best friend) Automatic Eye Brow Pencil is a taupe colored pencil that is perfect for all color brows. Using lightly shows a blonde-ish color while pressing hard is perfect for dark hair. My eye brows are almost black and it suited me perfectly.

This product came with a booklet showcasing YBF's other products and some how to's. I really appreciate it when a company gives information on how to use a product so that their customer looks their best. Plus I loved the tips for lips and face shape. Here are some screen shots of my favorite tips that i found most useful.

To use the YBF Automatic Eye Brow pencil  you have to start by finding your arch. This is done by holding the pencil to your nose and lining it up with your eye. This line will point to where your arch should be. It is wise to have a tweezer handy. After you have found your arch outline your brow lightly, tweeze any stray hairs, and then fill in your brow. Once finished use the brush end to groom your eye brows into your desired shape. Using upward strokes for the inside near the nose, and outward strokes toward the hair line. This also helps to blend the brow pencil into a natural look. Once finished you can seal the look with clear mascara.

How To.

How To.

YBF Automatic Eye Brow Pencil

No sharpener needed taupe eyebrow pencil end.

Brush end to blend and groom.

Even on casual or natural days having groomed eyebrows can create a polished look. I highly recommend this product to those with thicker brows or for those who are passionate about having a polished look

Ungroomed eyebrow.

Groomed eyebrow
Groomed and defined eyebrow

 Bonus tips for lips compliments of YBF. =]


  1. I've groomed my eyebrows here of there but never been a huge fan of it. Your entry sounds like this pencil is so convincing. If I decide to groom my brows, I might check it out.

    1. I was really surprised at the difference to my whole look that this pencil made! I think you should deff check it out.