Monday, September 17, 2012

Les Twin Sets De Chanel- La Provocante Rouge Allure Velvet Review

I know i am so late with this post but to be fair i really was less than thrilled with this. I was extremely excited about this shade, La Provocante,  from the Fashions Night Out Chanel collection. Touted as a matte finish, deep plum, really fell flat.

For starters the finish isn't matte. I love matte lipstick and finding out that i just spent $32 dollars on a sheer lipstick (why does this keep happening?) is more than disappointing. If i wanted a streaky violet color i would have bought Revlon's Va Va Violet (good color, not enough pigmentation). It is so sad that i have to compare a prestigious brand to a drugstore brand, and not in a positive way. Aside from the streaky and uneven coverage, this shade was just too sheer. To get full color payoff (and i use the word full very lightly) you need to swipe numerous times or just use many layers. Maybe better color payoff can be achieved using a lip brush. Because of the high streak properties it will show every single flaw in your lips. You can exfoliate with a tooth brush and some sugar or salt to smooth your lips out, or smooth out your lips with balm before hand.

 This color does have a savior. Using Pixi line and prime i cam able to take this un-matte, super streaky, low pigmented, bad applying color and make it wearable! Using Pixi line and prime under this lipstick smoothed it out, brought out the color, make it more opaque, and helped the streaky problem. While the shade is still not matte it is closer using this lip primer. Using the primer underneath the color lasted for about 5 hours.

While this shade was sold as a twin set with a matching nail polish i was decided to pass on the polish. If you would like a similar shade try Zoya Katherine. If you missed this limited edition shade of lipstick MAC Rebel is a close second to this shade.

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