Sunday, September 2, 2012

August 2012 Beauty Army Box Review

I really hate to say it but i am getting more and more disappointed in beauty army. My options this month (and last month) were somewhat sub par. I saw some people who posted about getting chocolate body scrub and full sized aging cream while i had the choice of mainly one use packets. Whats going on here? I realize that with these boxes its "you win some you loose some" but i feel like i have been on the loosing end two months in a row.

Anyway, if you haven't heard about Beauty Army let me tell you about it. Beauty Army is a subscription service that costs $12 dollars a month and unlike most subscription boxes you can choose your 6 samples. You will always receive 6 and you can change your beauty profile an unlimited amount of time to change the samples that you can choose from! If you are interested in trying this subscription service please sign up here!

Let me add some positivity to this post by mentioning that i LOVE that the box is pink this month. I don't know about you but i love these boxes. When i was a kid i used to have boxes like these that i kept my crayons in. I find it adorable that i grew up and now i have these types of boxes again except now they are filled with amazing cosmetics. It is a big plus!

As for what i received this month, even though i received one use packets the products are decent. If i could rate this month i would give it a 5.

Bath and Body Works in Paris Amour-
This was the one product that kept me from skipping the month. I am so happy that beauty army teamed up with bath and body works since their products are consistently amazing. When taking my beauty profile over this month i was given the choice of a scent. Depending on the scent you chose is determined the bath and body work scent so you couldn't loose! This is an amazing floral scent and i love how cute this bottle is! I will be picking up the full size product of this. On the bottom of this product lists it's worth, it is worth about half of this entire box.

Emani Foundation and Serum-
I wish i had more of the sample. This was a perfect base under my makeup today. My face felt smooth and my face powder applied evenly over it. I would recommend this if you do not like heavy foundation and i will probably pick up the full size version of this.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream-
The most i can say about this product is that  it made my face feel soft and moisturized but didn't do something different or better than what i am currently using. I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it.

 La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser-
 This is another one of the products i received that i wish was bigger or at least included multiple wipes like the wipes in the glam bag last month. While this worked amazing to remove my makeup and wasn't harsh, i can't give a full opinion or review based on one use.  This is great if you are environmentally conscious and like your products to also be biodegradable.

 Nume Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo-
This was another saving point for this months box. Last month i received Hydro Punch Conditioner (which i still have not finished, these little bottles pack a decent amount of product) so i felt this was a compliment to it. I wish it would have come in a set in either last months box or this months. Either way this product really helps to hydrate hair and make it feel soft and smooth.

Cell Ceuticals Cer Active-
This is another item that is very similar to last months box. I received the cleanser last month and this month i received the moisturizer. This is another product that should have been packed together. This is a great brand and their products deliver on their promises. I have only used this once but it is a good addition to my morning facial routine and feels very light under primer.

While this box may not look worthwhile other boxes have been amazing and depending on your likes and profile you can get amazing items delivered to your door every month for only $12 dollars. Sign up here!

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