Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Julep Maven American Beauty Box Review and Swatches

Hello my lovely viewers and followers, and welcome to September! I will try my very hardest to stick to fall posts and fall colors, but i make no promises (I have some summer posts yet to go up still so bare with me!) Even though i have already posted on some amazing fall collection this is the official transition so to kick off a long few months of deep, rich, fall colors, what better way then to highlight a brand, designer, and fashion all in one!

This month Julep (see description below!) teamed up with Trina Turk. Not sure who she is? Click here for some quick information on her from her site! Trina Turk's designs have bold and modern patterns with rich colors, so it was no surprise that when she teamed up with Julep her collection is equally bold and modern. What better way to adorn our nails this fall!

When this months Julep box arrived it looked rather small, i feel like the boxes are getting smaller and smaller, guess what isn't getting smaller? Their quality! This month was impressive just as every other month has been! Not only did i receive two amazing colors in my Maven box but i also received a magnet (which i derived fashion inspiration from), beautiful and high quality mascara, an inspirational quote, and some information on Trina Turk!

While i loved every color in her collection because of how cohesive they are and how they really make sense together (kind of like a fashion show - while you might love every piece you wouldn't buy every piece, just the ones that would suit you), i only purchased the ones i felt would be best for me.

Julep Nail Color from the Trina Turk collection Fall 2012

The shades that were included in my box were Eileen and Hoch. Typically Julep goes with inspiring female names. I am still not sure where these names come from but i do like how different they are. Lets face it not everyone has common names. I feel like Julep stepped it up this month to really keep it real.

- Eileen is a bit of an off white. I can't really put words to this color. It is white, but there is just a little more dimension to it. This color is creamy, opaque, and  long lasting (lasted a week no chipping, longest a polish has lasted on me).
Hoch- is a creamy blue green which i feel leans more on the blue side but can also appear more green in certain lights. It is very rich so you will only need one coat.

 The add on's i purchased are-
Alma- A medium mustard yellow. I love this yellow it reminds me of kitchens from the 70's. This shade applies evenly, is thick, and only requires one coat. How many yellows can boast those kinds of results?

Sophie- A light chocolate color. I oringally thought this was more of a taupe but turns out it is about the color of light chocolate milk. I love it, because of its neutralness it can be paired with any other color in the collection and compliment it.

Gunta- A medium blue that is a true blue, this shade is no navy! It is creamy, opaque, and very nicely pigmented.

Do you want Trina Turk inspired nails?
Pick up a nail stamping kit like this one and nail plates like these.

To create my Trina Turk inspired nails i used a double diamond design.

I know they don't look perfect but i do like how they came out. I used Hoch over Eileen.

 Last but not least, Julep American Beauty Volumizing Mascara in Black.
I have to say i am thoroughly impressed. I wasn't sure i was going to be but wow. I got this in on the same day i got my Lancome Hypnose Star in (which cost $28) and i will be damned. Julep mascara was of equal quality. Very impressive Julep.

Julep American Beauty Volumizing Mascara

 What did you think of this month's box?

If you aren't a Julep Maven let me tell you how you can become one! Julep is a nail polish company that has a subscription beauty box service. Every month a box of beautiful nail polish and other goodies can be delivered to your door for only $20 a month. There is no shipping cost to you. Being a maven will entitle you to discounted polish ( at Sephora they are close to $20 dollars just for one!) 11 dollars for polish from the maven boutique or 4.99 as an add on to your monthly box with always free shipping. If you don't like your box that month you can skip or even choose a new style! Best of all you can try your first box for only one PENNY. Find out your style profile by  signing up here and use promo code PENNY!

And to end this blog here is some iconic words by Yves Saint Laurent and some great style.


  1. I want that mascara. Can you get me one? :-)

  2. Lo and behold, I was able to place the order. How will you get the credit for referring me?