Saturday, September 22, 2012

October 2012 Julep Maven

Can you believe its only about a month (and like 9 days) away from Halloween? Wow this year is really blowing by fast! So it really isn't any surprise that the upcoming October Julep Maven box is Halloween themed. Are you ready for a peak (and my opinions)?

American Beauty-
Maybe i only think this way because I'm from new york but doesn't this just scream METS? Since i cant help but associate orange and blue with that team i had to pass on this. If you love that team or this color combination this is the perfect box for you. These colors separate are pretty but the Eloise- dark blue - i feel is redundant since i got a dark blue in the Trina Turk box and in my August Mystery box. Sabrina- orange crackle- is Halloween appropriate and fits for fall but i have some gripes with crackle which i will discuss below the peaks.

Boho Glam-
I actually really liked this box and i almost chose this except i already own a white crackle. Aside from that Lisa- gray- is very pretty and i like the combination of colors.

I loved this box. I choose this box because of the Gothic feel. Keira- deep rich red - is perfect on its own and on trend with vamp lips (if you like to match your nails to your lips this is a good choice). Ursula- black crackle- can be used  over any color and not come off as just Halloween specific. The combination is great for Halloween. I liked the overall look of it.

Classic With A Twist-
I really wasn't excited about this box at all. While i do like Boris and Nicole because its metallic and a really rich color the clear pink is just something i would never wear. If this box had an additional color with Gwyneth as a side color then that would be ok (like Boris And Nicole, Keira, and Gwyneth). My bare nails don't exactly look amazing naked and adding a pretty see through color would only make them look worse. Aside from my whole bias i don't understand this color combo. What are we supposed to do with it? Clear and copper french tip (its different and i am sure it would look nice), or is it supposed to be a replacement for a crackle choice?

 It Girl-
I almost choose this box but i really wanted the fast drying drops. Glenda- Silver crackle looks like it fun for Halloween, Christmas, New Years, it is versatile. Leslie, black with shimmer and Caroline go perfect together. The whole look of these colors together is suiting. They are holiday appropriate, theme appropriate, and trend appropriate.

 Maven's Choice-
Apparently people were pretty mad about the crackle. Since crackle is a bit of hit or miss with some people Julep really took a leap in incorporating it into most boxes. Offering a choice for those who don't like crackle or don't need fast drying drops this is a good option. I would have suggested it would have been better if Maven's Choice actually left the choice up to the maven to pick their own colors. These colors look like a muted american flag, but, on their own they are beautiful.

Couldn't decide on which colors to get? For $30 dollars Julep allows you to purchase the entire collection! These used to be available only by single color purchases or through the golden box (which you now only get 5 colors in). It is $50 dollars total for 12 polishes which averages just $4.16 dollars per bottle, you really can not beat that value!

Not up for the whole collection? For $4.99 you can pick and choose your favourite colors to add to your box!  Or add another bottle of fast drying drops. I think the best surprise of all is the inclusion of Sofia - a glow in the dark Green! I also love that they included Kate as an add on to compliment Sofia.

When crackle first came out years ago when i was in junior high school (we are talking the 90s!) i was super impressed. The color range was very limited to basic colors like black, white, silver, etc. I got them all! After a while the look became redundant, everyone was wearing it, and it got plaid out and then disappeared for almost ten years. Once i realized my crackles were all dried out and no longer available i waited patiently for them to come back, and come back they did! They are everywhere, by every brand, and in nearly any color you could imagine. The formulas were better than ever, bloggers were showing new and interesting ways to use it, and it brought about a sense of nostalgia to anyone who remembered round 1! Its been a few years now and to my surprise i am getting tired of it again. While the look is nice it can be a little uneven, bumpy, or just not look classy. So when i saw Julep was including it in their October Maven boxes i was both excited and impressed at first and then followed by the remembering of how i felt about crackle. All i have to say is that if anyone can do crackle right and do it justice it will probably be Julep. This is why i had to get the black which came in my box - Ursula, and Glenda - silver crackle as an add on.  Julep i have faith in you!

Are you a maven? If you arent there is no better time than now to sign up.
What is it? What are the perks? How much? What makes it special?
-Julep Maven is a monthly subscription to receive a box filled with nail polish and other products every month.
- You get free shipping on every box and every purchase once you are a maven. You also are entited to the maven botique where you can purchase nail colors for a steep discount!
- $19.95 a month, free shipping, boxes are worth $40 dollars and above!
- There are always surprises and always something new offered. Fun mystery boxes (where you purcahse an additional box with surprise products and polish). New themes and style suggestions every month. If you don't like your box you can choose a different one or skip the month.
- You can try your first box for only one PENNY. Enter Code PENNY. Click here!

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