Thursday, September 27, 2012

Woolite Boutique and Old Navy Fashion Show

Even though fashion week is over i still have some left over experiences to share with you all! My blogging has been slacking since school has picked up, so i apologize for the delay. In addition to attending fashion week to see Timo Weiland, thanks to Woolite, i was able to attend an Old Navy event and check out the Woolite Boutique! I went to both on the same day that my camera decided to die so sadly this post will be picture barren.

First and foremost i want to say that i think it is amazing that brands like Woolite and Old Navy are connecting with their customers on such a personal basis by holding events and having pop up boutiques! It is not only fun but if you aren't familiar with these brands you can experience them and i feel that has a more lasting impact.

Upon entering the Woolite Boutique in SoHo i was taken back at how clean and crisp everything looked. I felt like i just entered my dream living room. If you have ever seen a bottle of Woolite you would instantly recognize the design scheme. Very modern design using the classic blue and white stripes of Woolite almost made me want to move in and start doing my laundry (which is fine with me because i love the smell of laundry detergent!). If you are fond of twitter you would have loved the walls since they were twitter interactive. I was having the worst technology day ever as i would have loved to tweet all about it. And of course this wouldn't really be a boutique without shopping! Vintage and trendy clothes (even Timo Weiland!) were available for purchase. I sincearly hope that this wonderful botique pops up again. Keeping my clothes colorful and clean and making fashion week memorable, Woolite does it all! You can check out all the new and classic items Woolite has to offer at their website here!

As for Old Navy, what better way to round out Fashion Week then a show at Bryant Park that you can be a part of! If you are from New York or keep up with fashion week you will recall that it used to be held in Bryant Park. Real women were able to try on pairs of jeans and walk the runway! Jenny McCarthy was there to host, and the Backstreet  Boys preformed. While i was unable to get a free pair of jeans i loved watching the other women strut their stuff and loved seeing the Backstreet Boys! Because of this event i went and checked out all the awesome styles on If you haven't headed over to a store or the site in the while you should check it out! The fashions are casual, fun, and colorful!

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