Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Maryln Monroe MAC collection

Oh the horror! This is how i know so many of you were feeling this morning. As i am sure many of you received the email  from MAC letting you know the Marlyn Monroe collection is now live only to discover most of it was sold out! What gives? Well if you are a pro member you were able to purchase this collection before everyone else.

Many bussiness minded beauties thought it wise to purchase upwards of 10 each (of lipstick mainly) only to sell them at an amplified price on sites like eBay. Is this fair? Absolutely not. Since MAC has no purchase limit this is allowed and many of us non pro card carrying individuals are left out.
There is a silver lining! If you can't find the color you were lusting for from this collection online it is released in stores on October 4th (there is still hope!). I have a feeling these will sell out fast as well, so make sure to go to your local MAC before you miss out on this timeless collection.


  1. You are seriously absolutely right! I wish they did put a limit on these things!

    1. I know makeup artists need more than one, but buying 10 and selling them on ebay is like those people that buy 20 tickets to a show and then scalp them outside the theater for a much higher price. Sigh. Were you able to get any?

    2. I get that people may want doubles of things, but I think there should be like a 3 or 5 limit per item. Nah, I didn't even attempt to. Nothing really appealed to me, other than the packaging. I did recently buy snob, which I love. It's the closest thing I could find for Lady Gaga's viva la glam lipstick the good one(Pink).

    3. I understand. I was able to pick some up from nordstorm when it was released there, but at that point i had already spent an insane amount on ebay not realizing there would be a separate store release that could only get a few pieces from the collection.
      As for snob, that is such a pretty color!