Monday, September 17, 2012

On Trend- Vampy Lips Drugstore Edition

I just wanted to apologize for my last post on Vampy Lip trends. I seemed to only focus on higher end cosmetics and i felt that was a little unfair to some. So this post will be dedicated to drugstore lipsticks for the Vampy Lip trend! Also i promise to be more even next time i make a trend post!

For Deep Plum- Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss 04-
This whole line is just fantastic. From the candy smell, high pigmentation, high opacity, and how long it lasts, this is just an A+ Lipstick. This dark purple is just enough to make a statement but not really washout those who are on the fair and light side.

For rich cherry red- Milani Black Cherry 11-
This shade has complete coverage. There is no streaking or bleeding and it will leave your lips feeling moisturized. It doesn't last all day but if you use a lip primer (like pixi line and prime) this will last much longer. This shade really stands out and because of how warm it is would work on most skin tones. With a price tag of only 3 dollars you cant help but pick this up.

 For Brown Red- Wet N Wild 917 B Cinnamon Spice-
This is a matte brick red shade. It isn't as deep of a brown up close but from afar on light skin it can appear to be just dark enough to go with the trend. On darker skins this may show up as a much lighter color, so maybe do a skin swatch before using this for the vampy shade. Since long wear can be a little drying maybe add a lip primer or some chapstick under this shade to keep your lips moisturized.

For a Deeper Red Brown- Wet N Wild 918 D Cherry Bomb-
This shade is a much richer version of the one above. It is darker in both the red and brown tones. It will definitly give you those blood red lips your looking for and since it is matte it has quite a bit of staying power. As mentioned above for more moisture use blam/chapstick or primer under this shade.

For Dark Gothic Purple- Wet N Wild 919B Vamp It Up
This shade is so dark it can appear black depending on the lighting. This is a shade that takes the trend of vampy lips seriously. This is also from the Wet N Wild mega last matte collection which has honestly taken me from spring to summer and now into fall. This shade like all the rest is matte, long lasting, and just a tiny bit drying. It is opaque and only very very slightly streaky but its so slightly that unless your always pressing your lips together you wont even notice.

What do you think of this trend?


  1. these are amazing colors for the upcoming fall! i love the shade cinnamon spice! awesome post :)

    1. Thank you i am glad you like them! It was so hard to narrow them down to just these few since there are so many dark but fun shades for this season. Cinnamon spice really is a nice everyday shade and the fall themed name adds a little fun to it as well.