Thursday, September 27, 2012

Glossy Box USA September 2012 Review

I am pretty excited to bring this post to you! While i got this box over a week ago (you have no idea how behind i am on these posts!), all of these wonderful products are fresh in my memory and added to my routine. Before i get this review underway i want to tell you what Glossy Box is! Glossy Box is a monthly subscription service where you receive a box full of deluxe samples every month! It costs 21 + tax dollars with free shipping (around $22) a month. I have only received one box so far but i am blown away.

As far as subscription services go this is the most elegant and classy packaging i have ever seen. Grey and baby pink with a crown seal gives this subscription service an almost regal look. This thick and sturdy box can be reused.

My first box included an introduction on what the theme of the month was. Fall forward and fashion were inspirations for this box, i could only imagine what products would be included!

The product list was informative giving not only a description but price per oz.

While most boxes promise high end products in deluxe sizes this sample service actually provides that. No foil packets, no one use items, no $10 and under products! Just full size great quality products!

Global Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner:
First of all these samples are as large as my hand! I used this shampoo and conditioner twice and have been surprised at how smooth and shiny it has left my hair. Somewhat smells like Aqualina Pink Sugar, if you love that scent you will like this. My ends felt very conditioned while my roots did not feel greasy from this. I would recommend this product as something you buy every 3 months to refresh your hair from more affordable shampoos. $20 dollars per bottle for 10.1 oz.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream-
I used to buy Missha back in 2005 when their products looked like something a high school girl would keep in her pencil case- good quality but cheap looking packaging- they did have the best yellow eyeshadow ever and were my first primer! Anyway, their products have improved by leaps and bounds. Impressive packaging for starters is not only pretty but the product is easy to control via a pump. No more squeezing a tube (old packaging). This coverage is light and will show your natural skin color through it but will hid imperfections like light freckles and uneven skin tone. Also includes an SPF of 42 so you are more than protected from the sun. I would very much recommend this product to anyone who likes a light but natural coverage. $29.99 for 1.69oz. I received the full size!

Initial Amount

Wiped once.

Blended in with soft foundation brush

Kryolan For Glossy Box Lipstick in Glossy Pink-
This beautiful shade of warm pink is so creamy! I almost expected it to be of subpar quality but it is on the same level as MAC! Opaque, semi matte, and smooth. Did not bleed, was not streaky, and did not show lip flaws.Will keep your lips soft with vitamin E. It is everything a lipstick should be.

 OC8- Professional Mattifying Gel-
 Oily T zone? Ladies this right here will be your new best friend. It will keep your skin looking matte all day long. Since it is a gel and not a cream it feels a little different when you first apply it, but it still feels light and lasts all day. I received the full size worth $30 for 1.6oz

I can't wait to see next months box! I recommend everyone to sign up for this box! You will get more than your moneys worth. Sign up here!