Monday, September 10, 2012

Timo Weiland at Mercedes Benz fashion week

I am going to step off the track of cosmetics today to talk a little bit about fashion! After all it is fashion week and what kind of blogger would i be if i failed to mention it! This year i attended the Timo Weiland Show courtesy of Woolite! Which honestly i find fantastic. What better brand to promote fashion than a brand that protects it!  I wore purple skinny jeans, a black and white print top, high waist belt, and a black blazer. I wore Chanel on my eyes in Eclair and Black Star and MAC Heroine on my lips (yes i am a traitor to Chanel i did not wear my Fashions Night Out lipstick to fashion week.)

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton
I arrived to Lincoln Center a little earlier than the show and decided to wander around. Tresemme had a dry hair styling center set up, fiber one bars were available to keep you energized, Maybelline was showcasing  their line next to their free product vending machine, Sky Vodka was being handed out by attractive male servers, diet Pepsi was throwing a party in the inner court yard, and Paris Hilton was just breezing by with her sister Nicky. It was a lot going on to say the least.

Once Timo Wieland's name flashed on the giant flat screen hanging from the ceiling it was time to line up. This woman started to talk to me about how Paris Hilton was so skinny, turns out she was the designer's mom. After being scanned in and shown to my seat i discovered a gift tote bag with a green, human hair, hair extension by LOX (see future entry), and a promo code for %70 off any Timo Weiland shoe from Tsubo! Nice! I also highly enjoyed seeing all the fantastic styles that people were wearing. While i wasn't able to capture all of it these are some that stood out to me! One woman i met makes her own clothes all by hand! I spotted her at the Timo Weiland show wearing Teal shorts and a white cut off tang top with lace gloves! It was just the right amount of color and class! I loved it and hope to write more about her in a future post!

This style reminded me of Heatherette.
This crown is such a statement.
Clarence D. wearing a very put together and very different outfit. I loved how he stood out!
Zombie Boy with skeleton tattoos.
As for the show itself, i know it isn't even winter yet, but the spring collection of Timo Weiland already has me ready for a mix of color and taupe, sleek pony tails, great foot wear, and triangle earrings! My seat was somewhat close to the back and i was behind the tallest women ever so my pictures are a bit sub par, in substitution here are some of my favorite looks from other photographers.

The below 6 pictures i did not take, if you are the owner of them please let me know so that i may link to you and give you credit. 
Love this pattern.

This seems 90s inspired in a good way.

Love the crimped yet sleek ponytail.

Gaven Mcgraw and Annasophia Robb at Timo Weiland

 The Pepsi party-

The Tresemme couch.

 At the Style red carpet

The Cosmeholic!
Keeping my outfits looking brand new with Woolite!

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