Sunday, September 30, 2012

Disney Cinderella Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set from Sephora Review and Swatches

You dont need magic to have a magical kiss!
Sephora has released a wonderful new collection, based on the Disney Cinderella cartoon movie, that includes lipsticks, eye shadow, and even perfume. Let me just start off by saying i would like to thank my friend Krys, follow her amazing blog here!, for telling me about this wonderful collection! This entry will focus on the lipsticks!

Moonlit Kiss Lipstick is a set of four lipstick's right out of Cinderella's world! Each lipstick tube is shiny silver with white draping vines that hang down from the top of the cap. The packing is reminiscent of 1700's England/France.

Each shade has a name inspired by the movie! A dark pink red named Lady Tremaine - the evil step mother, A peachy pink named Pumpkin, a warm Pink named Who Is She? and a sparkly pink named My Moment. Check out the Disney bar code!

Lady Tremaine, Pumpkin, Who is She? and My Moment

Lady Tremaine- 
In the tube this shade looks like a rich burgundy red or even a purple red, this is a little deceiving. This shade is more of a dark pinkish red. It glides on feeling like a matte but looks like a glossy high shine color. It reminded me of Revlon Lip butter's. It is mostly opaque but it does have a slight level of sheer to it. Has potential to bleed. It is not streaky. My only small complaint is that these shades have a drugstore lipstick smell to them. Not overly offensive but when you get used to the sweet vanilla smell in MAC, you get a little spoiled. While this shade wont show the flaws in your lips i do recommend that you use balm on your lips earlier in the day so that your lips are soft prior to putting this on. I did not use balm or lip primer under my lips for the following pictures. Bring out your inner Disney villain with this color.

Lady Tremaine with flash

Lady Tremaine with flash
Lady Tremaine without flash

Lady Tremaine with flash over bare lips

Lady Tremaine without flash over bare lips
A creamy, peachy, pink. This opaque color is a beauty. Glides on creamy (different feeling from Lady Tremaine) and gives a completely even coverage. Since it is a softer color it will show a few of the flaws in your lips so it is a good idea to have exfoliated lips or wear balm for a day prior to wearing this. I suggest when you aren't wearing lipstick in general to wear balm it keeps your lips forever lipstick ready. This shade reminds me of the fairy god mother!

Pumpkin without flash
Pumpkin with flash

Pumpkin applied over bare lips without flash

Pumpkin applied over bare lips with flash.

 Who Is She?
This warm pink is on the darker side of pink. This shade isn't as creamy as Pumpkin but it is as opaque. This lipstick will give you even coverage, no bleeding, non streaky, and feels soft on the lips. This will last on the lips for about four hours.

Who is She? with flash
Who is She? without flash

Who is She over bare lips without flash

Who Is She? over bare lips with flash

My Moment-
I believe this shade is a Luminizer. This shade is pure micro shimmer. This will lighten the color of your natural lips while adding lots of shimmer. Has a pearl like shine to it. If i were to compare it to MAC it would be like the creme-sheen + pearl colors. If you layer this color over darker colors they will become lighter and have a pearl finish, layered under they will become a little lighter but with no pearl finish. This shade is soft and sheer.
My Moment with flash

My Moment without flash

My Moment over bare lips without flash

My Moment over bare lips with flash.

How do you feel about makeup collections based off of Disney Movies/ Princesses?

Edit: I tried to match up the colors to the movie the best i could! (Images copy-write of Disney, i do not own these pictures)

Cinderella wearing Pumpkin
Lady Tremaine wearing Lady Tremaine.

Fairy God Mother in My Moment.

Cinderella wearing Who Is She?


  1. Ugh I wish I had these lipsticks! I don't really think these colors remind me of disney's cinderella. Well I mean the packaging, but the colors no. Well I'm not sure ahhahaa. I love the colors, and the packaging.

    1. I think they are based off of the color lipsticks Cinderella, lady Tremaine and the fairy godmother wore. While its not everyone style, it does match, i will edit this post to include pictures of the characters to match with the lipsticks shortly.
      I honestly bought these for the packaging but found the lipsticks to be worth it in the end!

  2. I love Lady Tremaine & Who is She! I like the packaging, but I kind of wish there was one "blue lipstick since Cinderella's gown is blue. lol. It would be kind of weird though, I guess.

    1. That would be awesome! I think they were trying to focus more on the colors the characters wore rather than colors taken from the movie (thats in the eyeshadow palette) They are also trying to appeal to a more neutral audience i think. Would have been awesome though, i am glad you thought of that!

  3. The designs on the tubes are too cute, and I'm loving 'Who Is She'! Too bad you can't buy them individually.

    New subbie btw!

    1. Thank you for subscribing! I do hope you enjoy my blog! I think it would be great to buy them separately but you know they would raise the price significantly on each one. Right now they average about 6 dollars a lipstick which is very decent considering the price of the palette and the other items in the collection this is one of the cheapest!

  4. These colors are so beautiful on you! I may have to order these now.. they look gorgeous! I love your blog! I'm now following! :)

    1. Thank you so much for following i hope you enjoy all of my reviews!