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Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette Review Swatches and Tutorial Plus Lancome Dupes

Drugstore brands are finally taking a cue from the more expensive brands in terms of quality and color. Have you ever bought a great palette from the drugstore and thought these colors are amazing but how do i create a cohesive look? Or Where can i find highly pigmented shades that are on trend and bendable? Well Wet N Wild thinks you have! As a result they have released Color Icon Platte's which contain 8, yes you heard me, 8! shades that make it easy to create an everyday look and a dramatic look.You could also use each shade alone or make your own look by mixing and matching without the palette and between palettes.

 Each shade has its use printed into it along with directions on how to use these colors on the back, and the applicator is both a sponge applicator and a brush. These are perfect for novice makeup users but you can also get really creative with this if you are a little more experienced. As always i suggest you use a primer under these shadows.

-Highly pigmented
-Easy to work with
-Great color range
-Opaque over primer (most colors)

-Some fallout with some colors
-Some shades are too soft
-If you drop this your shadows will break

738 Comfort Zone:
This palette is great for everyday looks. On the Left are browns and on the right are Greens. Each side is highly pigmented, there is a bit of fall out especially if you use the applicator included. The name is very appropriate since it allows you to stay in a natural/neutral comfort zone, while allowing you to step out a little with the green. The left side is similar to Coral Crush by Lancome while the right side is similar to Jade Fever.

As you can see from the swatches if you are light skinned the shades on the left will range from blending into your natural skin color to a nice dark chocolate brown with copper flecks. The Green side includes mainly pearlesq shades with the exception of the second to last color which contains micro glitter. The bottom color on the green side is the same shade as Lime Crime's Dragon Scale which is now discontinued. It is a brown with a green iridescence to it. 

How to create an every day natural look using only 2 brushes. Follow these steps:
 Start by priming the eye. Then use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply, from the left side, the second color from the top to your eyelid. You apply this just to the crease.

 Using a crease brush fill in your crease using the third color from the left side.

 Using the flat eyeshadow brush apply the first color under the brow bone.
 Use the flat eyeshadow brush to sweep and blend the crease color up towards the brow.
 Use the crease brush to outline the outer V. Literaly make a V and define the outer liner. You will use the bottom color.
 Using the flat brush, dipped slightly in the second color, blend and sweep the color into your crease and into the bottom outer corner.
 Dip the flat brush into the last shade to help define and dab and blend. Sweeping gently.

 Apply liquid liner and mascara, fill in your brows.

 Easy! Want to tone it down a little? Use your third color, crease color, as your crease and V color. This will lighten the outer V and it will be less dramatic than shown.

736 Petal Pusher -
This is very similar to more expensive palettes such as Violet Magnetique by Lancome and Amethyst Glam by Lancome and will allow you to get on trend for much less. The left side has lighter colors for an everyday look while the right side allows you to create a smokey and more dramatic look. The first and second colors on the left are lacking pigment, and you will have to work hard to make them show up, however, if you are going for a natural or simple look, a shadow that isn't as opaque may be the point.

 If you look at the swatches above you can see that the top (Left side) is very light aside from the bottom two colors. So the look you could create is light or you could borrow the rose color from the right side to add a little more drama. On the bottom swatch, right side, has very perlesq shades aside from the second to last color which is burgundy with pink micro glitter. There is slight fall out, but you can remove it with a fan brush.

737  Blue Had Me At Hello-
I love the witty name, name aside this one is my favorite palette. The shades of blue just go effortlessly together. While the white, first color on the left side, is very low in pigment the rest are very high. As with the above two palettes, the left side is more for an everyday look with the first two colors being very light and subtle while the two bottom are a bit more dramatic. With this palette you can create two different types of smokey eye which i find interesting. I love the micro glitter in the third color on the left and the last color on the right. This palette will get you noticed and will look fantastic subtle or really layered. There is fallout so have your fan brush or makeup sponge ready to brush your cheeks clear. The left side is similar to Midnight Rush and the right side is similar to Parisian Nights; these are both by Lancome.

I love the silver undertones in the white from the left side of the palette. The micro glitter is only apparent if you pat the color on rather than swipe. Also this is the only palette in the collection which contains a matte color. The black matte is a bit chalky but the color payoff is very deep.

 Have you checked out these palettes? What do you think about them? Have you picked up the high end brand versions?

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