Friday, September 28, 2012

My Glam Bag / Ipsy Beauty By You September 2012 Review and Swatches

Have you heard? Glam Bag has a new name, a new look, and the same amazing quality. Introducing Ipsy, a personalized subscription service that sends you items based on you and your needs.This months Ipsy, which focus's on the consumer and what she would want and her beauty looks, featured a great range of products! Just a note, this month still contained products in the way Glam Bag would send them, starting in October products will be based off of beauty profiles.

Same hot pink shipping bag!
The information card had faces of real subscribers on it! How personal!
 This month's bag theme is beauty by you. This sleek and simple black bag is perfect for holding the essentials.
Included this month:
The wide range of products that subscrupers recieved this month- A tool, hair product, nail product, lip product and eye product! Talk about range!

London SoHo New York Smudge Brush-
This looks like a large crease or shadow brush and makes blending very easy. So the name is a little off but the quality is spot on. Soft bristles that don't feel like rough plastic against my skin is always a plus.
$5.79 at Walmart. 
Full Size

Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer-
I have so many split ends that this was a welcomed edition into my hair care collection. While shampoos can fix the problem temporarily and make hair shiny and sleek, this actually works to start repairing or at least bond the ends to the strands. The sample in the picture looks small but it was actually the length of the palm of my hand.
$25 dollars for full size 1.7oz
Worth of sample: $6.25

Circus by Andreas Choice- Tightrope
When i found out we were getting this nail polish brand again i was both happy and disappointed. For three months in a row subscribers have been receiving  Andreas choice polish whose polish is bright  and comes in cute packaging but sometimes you just want to try something new, that's the point of a subscription service right? This color is a matte bright purple that dries just a little darker than what you see in the bottle.
Full size could not find price

Mirabella Eyeshadow in Semiformal-
There are a few things about this product that i am very confused about. This shadow, which i thought would be in a container, is a stand alone. This means that after you take it out of the package it is simply a de-potted or unpotted shadow. If you aren't well stocked with empty palettes or pots you may be at a loss at where to put this and risk shattering it. This soft brown color while beautiful should have been contained in more than just a paper covering.
$10 dollars for full size
Received full size.

This mini palette from ELF which only costs $1 is perfect for your unpotted shadows. Just attach a small dab of glue or a small magnet to the back of the shadow so it doesn't fall out.

Jane Sparkle Gloss-
This sparkly pink gloss will make your lips look soft, shiny, and glittery. Non sticky, no weird taste, and has just enough color to add a tint. Perfect if you need to down play your lips or are going for really dramatic eyes. You can get %20 off your purchase using code JaneIpsy!
$10 for a pack of three.
This sample is worth $3.33

An extra surprise!
This months bag contained a 20 dollars off first purchase to Just Fab, just use code Ipsy20!  Since everything is about $40 dollars this is your %50 off coupon! While this bag was already worth a significant amount, this drives it over $45 dollars (without this promotion the worth is $25 which is still fantastic considering this subscription only costs $10!)

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  1. i love the elf compact! i will definitely be getting one!