Friday, September 7, 2012

COLOR PLAY Felt-Tip Liquid Pen Review and Swatches

I am an avid fan of eyeliner. I honestly feel like no look is complete with out a sleek defining line, whether it is classic black or bright blue, it is a necessity. When i noticed that Milani cosmetics released  Color Play Felt-tip Liquid Pen's, a limited edition collection,  in a beautiful range of colors i knew i had to have all of them. Best of all since Milani is a drugstore brand their prices are cheap enough to try them all! 

The pigmentation on these liners are phenomenal. I have a more expensive liner pen that doesn't delivery nearly this much opacity. The felt tip is soft but also sturdy. You can achieve an accurate line whether you are a novice or a veteran of eyeliner. These are perfect for winged eyeliner or even drawing on a cheetah or zebra print on to your eye lid! If you like to be creative these are a must have for your collection.
I must warn you to be careful over metallic shadows. This may be a pro for some and a con for others but these pens can pick up the metalic pigmentation in your shadow and will translate into the liner. Blue over silver becomes metalic blue, black over gold becomes a copper color. So if you want your liner to stay completely true to its color stay away from metallic or make sure to start your shadow above where you plan to place your liner. These remain opaque over all other liners.

From top to bottom- Pink Point, Gray Strokes, Jaded Edge, Blue Definition, White Line, and Black Line.

Milani Color Play Felt-Tip Liquid Liner pens come in the traditional color of black and then spice things up with pink, gray, green, royal blue, and even white! I recall wearing black eyeliner over white eyeliner in high school. Liquid white eyeliner at that time was watery and burned my eyelid. These are superior in quality of the liners of the past! If you are shy about adding color to your look this might be the best option for you. Adding a bit of pink eyeliner with simple mascara and lip gloss can really add just a little bit of drama to a very neutral look. Or layer them wearing black over white, pink over blue, or whatever combination you think looks best. Let each layer dry before applying one over it.

 These are only available for a limited time and may be hard to find in drugstores. You can buy these directly from Milani here! Available in 6 colors - Pink Point, Gray Strokes, Jaded Edge, Blue Definition, White Line, and Black Line.


  1. wow! these look amazing :)

    1. They really are! It is a shame that they are limited edition.