Monday, September 17, 2012

September 2012 Birchbox Review

It's that time of the month again when the monthly Birchbox arrives! After last months fiasco of a box i was pleasantly surprised to have this box impress me. With these monthly subscription boxes it's you win some you loose some, but if you stick with it you are bound to find and try great products, and i really believe that. Are you interested in having a monthly surprise at your door every month? You can sign up here!

When i first opened my box and saw the teal paper i was excited. I instantly had a feeling that this box was going to be fun.

This months information card and whats in the September issue! Do you notice there are 7 YES 7 items this month! If you haven't racked up your points, this could be the month for you! 6 of these items are reviewable.

Don't have time to read the September editions of ELLE and Vouge? No problem Birchbox has a preview of the easiest fall fashions and cosmetics! This nifty little book is small enough to take on the go but packed with everything you need to know, from hair to nails, you will be on trend!

Fall Trends to Try
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 As for what i got this month!:

This months Birchbox was jam packed.

Color club- Custom Color Status Update-
This social media named color is a great choice for the fall season. Even though i personally am not a fan of gray this shade, along with all color club products, is high quality. This gray leans on the purple side so it will give you a very little bit of color. The bottle size is small,, . 25 fl oz but its a decent amount. I would say a+ on the collaboration this month.I have already put in my order for their other color Insta- This.

Band aids- Cynthia Rowley
Designer band aids to cover my boo boo's, yes please! I know these were given out months back but hey, I didn't get one so while this is a product from past boxes for me te brand new and I love it. It's adorable a brand i trust with cute designs. Makes me feel like a kid again.

Twirl by Kate Spade-
Is an amazing sent. It is floral but not over powering. When spraying it on my skin it instantly reminded me of being 15 and wearing gap heavenly except this is more refined. Maybe not a fall scent but a scent i am sure you will fall in love with if you like scents on the soft side.

Dr Jarts+ Beauty Balm
BB creams are exploding! This product is a Multi-Action skincare plus makeup balm and it is an SPF. While this shade is a tad too ligh for me I do like the coverage and application and it's a size that allows me to really get a feel for this product. I am just thankful it isn't a foil packet. Apply to your face and place your powder over it! Non greasy. If you don't already have a BB cream this one is pretty good quality.



Twist Band-
Is it sad that I had to google how to use this thing? Once I realized how this works I think it's pretty nifty. A hair tie that wont dent your hair. This was soft and didn't pull any of my hair out when putting it on or taking it off. I also know this is another repeat from past boxes and also an item I didn't get so I personally can't complain

Benefit- Refined Finish and Foamingly Clean-
At first site the packaging on these was adorable. Opening up the packaging to read about the product was also a nice touch, however, I wish these were larger. When viewing these on the website i was under the impression they were slightly bigger and multi-use. They are not so once you open it that's it. I haven't used them yet since I didn't want to waste these one use packets so quick so come back for an update in the next few days.


Also included in this box was a free song download and a gift card for 25 off a purchase of 75 or more. I'm sorry but I'm probably not going to go out and spend 75 or 50 just because of the card. If it really was a "gift card" i would have been a bit more inclined. This inclusion does significantly up the worth of the box. Also included is a music download. I still haven't downloaded the song, but you can check out the link on the info card.

 I'm not disappointed to say the least and this is a major redemption from last months major miss hap. I once again wish there was a makeup item but the usefulness of these items satisfies me enough.

 Did you like your box this month? What items did you get?
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  1. I absolutely love what you received in your box! September was my first month and my reaction was just so-so. I love the nail polish (it's a cobalt blue, the perfume, and the twistband, but other than that it was just eh. My samples were tiny compared to yours too!