Monday, September 17, 2012

Pixi Prime and Line Review

I think i am in love. Pixi Prime and Line in No. 1 Nearly Clear, is the greatest addition to my makeup collection since liquid liner. For such a simple product it really does a lot. Ever bought a streaky lipstick? A lipstick lacking pigment? Too creamy? Bleeding? Creasing? You name the problem and this magic little product will fix them all. High end to low end, just apply under your lipstick (has the feeling of any MAC matte lipstick on your lips) and apply your problem lipstick over it and it will fix any flaw it has. It even masks lip flaws so if you haven't had time to exfoliate your lips or if its winter and you are going through a bad case of the chaps this will allow you to wear your favorite light color and allow it to be forgiving.

Want more reasons to love it? Its nearly clear as its name, No. 1 Nearly Clear, imply, so it wont change or lighten the color of your lipstick. It comes with a clear liner so that if you have a problem lipstick that bleeds or want to make your lips look bigger or smaller without using the wrong color liner just use the clear liner and you can make your lips look perfect every time. Plus because this is under your lipstick it allows the pigments in your lipstick to last almost 2x longer on your lips. It acts the same way eye primer works with eye shadow (and you know how i swear by eye primer!).

 This is the most must have product I have ever mentioned in this blog. You can pick it up here! Or if you are a Birchbox member you can use your 100 points and only pay 8 dollars for this!

Do you use lip primer? If so what is it?


  1. This looks great, I've never tried lip primer before! Might have to give one a chance now :)

    1. This was my first lip primer too. I like how its no fuss and super easy to use. I think if your looking for something simple to prime your lips with this is it. I know some companies have lip primer in pots but those can be messy and need lip brushes.