Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keshia Kaoir Scandal Update

It is official Keshia Kaoir, instead of addressing her outraged customers, has started to block them. I have always praised her products for being different, great for all skin colors, and high quality. After she raised her products and hyped up the glitzstick which turned out to be nothing more than high priced glitter pots i expressed my outrage on facebook, twitter, this blog, and on instagram. She has since blocked me for exposing this.

I am understanding to the fact that maybe her supplier could not product multi-color glitzsticks like the gold and silver one she previously had available or perhaps it was her ideal all along for it to be a glitter pot. My point is she was not upfront with her customers. Cheap sponge applicators and cosmetic glitter should not be sold for 12 dollars and made to seem like a unique product. This is not a glitzstick this is a pot of glitter that takes a while to apply to the lips. It is not unique to her lipsticks as she says, and it will not only stick to her lipsticks. This is the kind of propaganda which is what shows me and other people that she is trying to fool her customers. I have always praised her marketing since it was always done smart, always wearing her product, and really loving it. But treating your fan base like they are stupid and then blocking them when they disagree with your new product because well, you messed up, is beyond unprofessional.

For these reasons i will not longer be purchasing Kaoir products nor will i go out of my way to feature them here or on my blog. If you still like her products that's fine. I ask nothing more of my readers than simply know what your buying. If you want to buy it because it is her brand then go for it. I buy a lot of things from MAC that i know i can buy dupes of at smaller prices but i buy it because its MAC. So to each their own.


  1. Yes definitely propaganda and I was fooled. I found out about Ka'oir on instagram and instantly bought 2 Ka'oir glitzsticks and you have to buy the lipsticks also to go with your color. Got the product and was happy for the moment. (For the set of 2 glitzsticks w/ the lipsticks came up to 56 doll hairs and thats with a 15% discount). I then came across a pic on instagram of the cosmeholic posting her pics of her version of the glitter lips which is ten times cheaper and I would say even better quality. I got the glitter pots from Claires and paid $6.50 for about 10 different glitter colors which is cheaper than one 'smaller' pot of Ka'oir which runs for $8 and some change. So yes I am glad I came across this blog I will be a faithful reader from now on! Thanks!
    P.S. I tried the B.B. cream for the first time and love the way my foundation applies afterwards. :)

    1. I am sorry she sucked you in! You say you just found out about her so i am going to assume you never saw the real glitz sticks she used to have? They were different actual glitter infused lipstick that were layered over other lipsticks which was a brilliant idea!
      That is a ridiculous amount of money for micro glitter and lipsticks. I hope you were able to produce the look she promised. Her propaganda of it only working with her lipsticks was a little egotistical on her end.
      Thank you for finding my pics on instagram to be better quality i posted those as soon as i saw what her "glitzsticks" really were just to caution people into what they were really buying.
      I am glad you got to pick up the claires pots.
      Thank you also for reading. If my blog does anything at all i would hope it would be to help people whether it be with swatches, a review, or even just showing people the truth about companies.
      And yes! I am so glad you liked the BB cream as well!