Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Julep September 2012 Mystery Box- Polish Lover Review and Swaches

I tried so very hard to resist yet another mystery box but i was left powerless... and impressed! Julep did a great job this month with their mystery boxes by offering two different kinds of boxes- Polish Lover and Product Lover. This is perfect if you are on a budget and cant afford 5 boxes (but it was so tempting!), and you want to be able to have all the fun of a good mystery box while getting items you want. I purchased both types and this review will focus on the polish lovers box.

If you loved the tote bag from the August Maven box you are in for an awesome surprise! Each mystery box came with one!  These convenient little bags are the cosmetic way of staying green. How many times have you gone out to sephora or the drugstore to pick up some essentials and have left with a mostly empty plastic shopping bag? Now you can tuck this little tote away in your purse and use it instead. It is green, it has an inspiring quote, and it is quite cute.

 As for the polishes, i once again got the smallest box but as always i love the colors. These shades remind me of the spring and are off trend completely but who says you cant go against the trends!

Creamy, lilac, soft purple. One coat opaque. I love how beautiful this shade looks on my nails. If you own D'lilac by Limecrime wear it with this shade to match your lips!

This is described as a fresh cantaloupe melon cream, i think it looks like a fresh strawberry smoothy. Either way, when wearing this you will be craving something fruity! It is such a soft pink. This would look great on toes or fingers.

This shimmery light gold metallic is one of the few non-streaky metallic's out there. You may require two coats to get this color to look completely opaque but that just means that you can always apply it lightly over another color or do two coats for completely opaque color. This shade is fast drying so work quick!

Mystery alert, this new shade has no name but is a shimmery yellow. A thick yellow cream with tons of gold shimmer laced throughout. I love the new flat brush. While it is a little thick it is easy to work with and helps to distribute the polish more evenly. I wonder what they will name this!

Brush Comparison: 

 Did you get the mystery box this month? What colors did you get?

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